HU covered? This could get expensive

Who ьberzieht the date for upcoming general inspection must reckon with fines and a point in Flensburg. AUTO BILD erklдrt, what is there to note that deadlines for HU.


Stress to check

Every two years, asking lawmakers drivers and motorcyclists to general inspection (new car for the first time after three years). What happens if the deadline for HU is ьberzogen? A look at the BuЯgeldkatalog shows: For more than two months, the first penalties are fдllig. AUTO BILD erklдrt, what to consider when HU is present and if the Vorfьhrung the TЬV is ьberfдllig.
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What to expect at TЬV and co? All information on the main survey

HU covered? That will be expensive

Inspection sticker: The year of nдchsten Prьfung is at the center, the month is in the 12 o'clock position (here in December 2014).

How do I know when the nдchste general inspection is pending?
Grundsдtzlich following rule applies: A new car must be three years after the first registration for the first time to the general inspection, then every two years. The registration certificate Part 1 (frьher vehicle registration) or the inspection sticker on the rear license plate give all nцtigen information. In the registration certificate of the date of nдchsten HU is stamped. On the inspection sticker is the year of nдchsten Prьfung in the center of the badge (for example, "17" closed for 2017). The label is affixed auЯerdem so that the month in which the HU is fдllig, stands up (12 o'clock position).

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What should I bring to the main investigation?
To Prьfung the registration certificate Part 1 must be brought. Any existing Anbaubestдtigungen or ABE (general operating closed for vehicle parts), for example, closed for Alurдder should also be brought.

What happens if the inspection date has been ьberzogen?
After only two months BuЯgeld is fдllig when the Ьberziehung auffдllt for example at a police check. When Prьforganisation yourself you need not fear a BuЯgeld have. However, the Prьforganisation is committed to "Advanced HU" one from a delay of two months (also called Ergдnzungsuntersuchung) durchzufьhren which is about 20 percent more expensive than the normal HU.

Which graduations there when BuЯgeld?
The height of a BuЯgelds hдngt on how long the HU is ьberfдllig. From two months 15 euros are fдllig, from four months 25 euros, from eight months 60 euros.

When there are points on their license?
Is the main investigation over eight months ьberfдllig, the vehicle owner is threatening next to the BuЯgeld also a point in Flensburg when the Versдumnis blows up at a traffic stop.

If the inspection sticker rьckdatiert after a Ьberziehung?
No, a Rьckdatierung, as frьher, then there are no more since 2012th Even if the ursprьngliche date for HU was ьberzogen that nдchste HU is fдllig again until a full two years after the tatsдchlichen Prьftermin.

What if a car has not come informed about the TЬV because Mдngeln?
All found during of check Mдngel mьssen be resolved within a month. The vehicle must then be re vorgefьhrt the Prьforganisation.
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They cause with expired TЬV a accident. What can happen?
Grundsдtzlich the Ansprьche third parties are covered by the car insurance - even if the TЬV had expired. but at fahrlдssigem actions it may happen that the insurance company takes care of the insured in recourse, so zurьckverlangt part of the loss amount from him. A role is also played by that Mдngel were present on the vehicle, or whether they were relevant to safety. It should be noted that there can be problems with the car insurance even with in-date TЬV when security Mдngel are not observed in fahrlдssiger way or resolved.

What about vehicles that were already logged lдnger?
If the vehicle is already lдnger than 84 months (7 years) signed off the agreement recommends the TЬV-Prьfer whether the car erhдlt or just a new HU must undergo a full loss.

HU is fдllig, wдhrend you are with the car abroad. What should I do?
A durchgefьhrte abroad main examination is not recognized in Germany. After the re-entry, you should consult a Prьfstelle immediately.