Im section of each German fдhrt in approximately 14,000 kilometers by his car. And on every single kilometer is demanded of the engine a lot. Not infrequently, the pistons fly up to 17 meters per second through the cylinder and the crankshaft rotates at 6000 rpm and more in minutes. To ermцglichen these enormous loads informed about a lдngeren period, the Motorцl needs to be paid attention. RegelmдЯige Цl- and Цlfilter exchange are therefore important. We'll tell you what need to be considered and how you find your way in the jungle of mineral, synthetic, smooth-running and long-life Цlen.

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That is why the Цlwechsel is so important

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make oil change itself

Lubricate kьhlen, seal, clean, schьtzen from corrosion - the tasks that must erfьllen the Motorцl are vielfдltig and all extremely important. gefьhrt by Цlbohrungen in the engine block and cylinder head is to prevent its main task, the moving parts of the engine by a lubricating film from rubbing against each other. Without schьtzenden lubricating film itself piston and Zylinderlaufflдche wьrden seizure within kьrzester time - a total loss closed for the engine. A side effect at this point is the fine seal which ьbernimmt the Цlfilm between the scraper ring of the piston and Zylinderlaufflдche. Almost as important is the kьhlende function ьbernimmt the Цl of thermally stressed parts. In addition, it takes even dirt particles such Verbrennungsrьckstдnde and finest metallic abrasion on his way. The Rьckstдnde kцnnen so not deposited and disposed of in Цlwechsel with.
#oil changeЦlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockwork
Цlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockwork

Engine oil

Цlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockwork

oil filter

Цlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockwork

Engine oil flushing

Цlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockwork

Oil filter wrench

Цlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockwork

Oil drip pans

Цlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockwork


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What Motorцle there and which one is right?

engine oils

In Zubehцrhandel the offer is extensive. The elaborate production makes Synthetikцle compared to Mineralцl to the more expensive choice.

A distinction is made in Motorцlen primдr between mineral and synthetic Цlen. are both made Erdцl. But be wдhrend added to the Mineralцl nachtrдglich additives which improve its properties, which is chemically Synthetikцl positively impacted during the production. The specifications of the Synthetikцls qualify it as Mehrbereichsцl, making the Цl can be used in many temperature ranges. Unlike the frьheren Einbereichsцlen this kцnnen also be used in winter in summer.Among the Synthetikцlen there are many special Цle, such as low-ash-Motorцle closed for diesel engines that burn nearly ash-free. Or Leichtlaufцle, to help save fuel. In Qualitдt and price Synthetikцle are premium, because the method of manufacturing is much more complicated. This creates Цle whose lubricating films not reiЯen at hцchster load, ensure that closed for better Kьhlung and ermцglichen lдngere Цlwechselintervalle. Those who opt closed for a synthetic Цl, but should use a Цl this kind even when Nachfьllen. Important when choosing it's mainly to pay attention to the releases of Motorцle by the manufacturer. The mцglichen codes such as VW 505.00 or Mercedes-Benz 229.1 included on the packaging. If there are no manufacturer approvals,, you have to ACEA or API specifications eighth (AECEA is closed for "Association des Constructeurs d'Automobiles Europйens" API closed for "American Petroleum Institute"). Appropriate information at the right Цl see the instruction manual for the car.

Engine oil Abbreviations

The specification 5W-40 on the can features the SAE ( "SAE International"). It describes the Viskositдt. This is the MaЯ closed for the FlieЯeigenschaften of Цls. The front of the letter "W" (closed for winter) marked number ...

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Цlwechselintervall: mьssen How many times have Цlwechsel

operating manual

Which is Motorцl benцtigt and when a change is fдllig, verrдt the operating instructions.

In which Abstдnden you should make a Цlwechsel, is also in the log book. Natьrlich you have to remember here is that this information is not kцnnen berьcksichtigen individual driving style that has maЯgeblich influence on the change interval. Differences are fixed and dynamic change intervals. When Цlwechsel pending, requires the manual at a fixed interval. It's called the mileage or the period in which the Цl should be changed - for example, every 15,000 km or once a year. Who fдhrt much short distances and the car happy times are the spores in the cold state, which would be well advised to set these intervals something kьrzer. The engine is claimed in this procedure additional that which Цl consequently. Closed for which Цl one decides at a fixed interval, hдngt next to the share closed for the motor also greatly from the persцnlichen Prдmissen from. Ьbrigens: Unabhдngige tests have shown that even inexpensive Motorцle from the supermarket or the discounters are in order. so it must not be used zwangslдufig an expensive Markenцl.

Who can wдhlen also a dynamic change interval according to vehicle handbook, which in this mode, however, necessarily linked to the prescribed synthetic Longlife Цl with specified by the manufacturer specifications. Normally, a long-life Цl is also a so-called low-friction Цl with SAE standard, for example, 0W40. In a dynamic change interval of the on-board computer calculated from parameters such as Цlstand, BremsenverschleiЯ, speed, fuel consumption and speed, when a Цlwechsel is fдllig and alerts the driver on the display out. Depending on the method as intervals of up to 30,000 kilometers in gasoline and up to 50,000 kilometers in diesel engines are mцglich. Note that even when Nachfьllen the special Longlife Цl must be used. One should always have something to Цl Nachfьllen it. The Цlmenge that must be eingefьllt when changing, hдngt primдr on the displacement of the engine and is detailed in the board manual. On average, the Fьllmenge betrдgt in modern engines between four to six liters Motorцl. If the Цlfilter changed with that Fьllmenge increase by a few hundred milliliters as there are still Цl is also in the filter. Hubraumstдrkere aggregates viewable using external sometimes up to ten liters. Expensive it is at all groЯen engines: The Audi A8 6.0 quattro (W12) has a Motorцlinhalt of around 13 liters.
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Цlfilter when changing please do not forget

oil filter

Each time Цlwechsel also Цlfilter should be replaced with. It usually costs a few euros.

Ьbrigens: Each Цlwechsel also Цlfilter should be replaced with. It filters dirt particles and metal debris from the Цl and sits down with time. to change Цlfilter unabhдngig from Цl is in reverse, however, not advisable as the дndert not alter the fact that the Цl ages and degrade the additives contained. For this reason, you should also change the Цl in a mцglicherweise installed Цlkьhler and let entlьften like the Цlkьhler in this context.

AUTO BILD erklдrt the Цl codes

Цlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockworkЦlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockworkЦlwechsel: cost, intervals and Viskositдten - It lдuft like clockwork

From the workshop: What does a Цlwechsel?

Where lдsst durchfьhren a Цlwechsel, or whether you do it yourself, is really just a question of the purse and its own Fдhigkeiten. For it is not absolutely necessary even wдhrend the guarantee period to let make the Цlwechsel in a workshop. In any case, it pays to ask in advance in the workshop at the price of Цle used. Often here clearly hцhere price levels than in Zubehцrhandel. Therefore, the tip: Buy Цl itself and bring to the workshop. However, not only Vertragswerkstдtten often, lock the other hand, as they do with the self-calculated Цl a zusдtzlichen profit. The price closed for the Цlwechsel in the workshop is determined by three factors: Einfьllmenge, price per liter of Цls and wages. The last two factors are variable basically, but many Werkstдtten calculate the wage closed for the change and sweeping. In an authorized repair a Цlwechsel is available from about 100 euros. Free Werstдtten are mostly gьnstiger.

Saves money: make yourself Цlwechsel

oil change

Depending on the vehicle, you can save up to 150 euros in itself durchgefьhrten Цlwechsel.

who makes the exchange itself, can save the Цlwechsel. In Zubehцrhandel the benцtigte tool closed for a Цlwechsel can be had from ten euros, a Цlfilter with seals also costs about ten euros. Also Longlife Markenцle cost an average of ten euros per liter. Benцtigt are usually between 3.5 and fьnf liter. Highly recommended is a visit to a self-help workshop. Here are not only Hebebьhnen to rent for Verfьgung. Knowledgeable staff can also assist with advice and proper tools and the drained Altцl be disposed of properly on site (against Gebьhr). Who lдsst durchfьhren the Цlwechsel in a workshop, it does not have to be kьmmern. Who, however, bought the Цl in Zubehцrhandel that Altцl is free only there release. The companies are required by law to Rьcknahme. But beware: Who ordered the Цl the Internet, Altцl must almost always zurьckschicken, which is associated with zusдtzlichen costs and risks.

Oil changes make yourself step by step

Step 1

Run the engine until warm. So the Цl is dьnnflьssiger and flieЯt better, also impurities are gelцst in the engine. The Цl hдlt the particles in suspension, they are at Цlwechsel outside floated.

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The Vollstдndigkeit sake abschlieЯend erwдhnt that even the change of Getriebeцls at a high mileage is worth Ьberlegung. Although manufacturers specify the eingefьllte here Цl that lubricates the working in the transmission Zahnrдder, a lifetime warranty, but natьrlich metal abrasion accumulates in Getriebeцl. Therefore, experts advise to have check up not only the Fьllmenge but also the Qualitдt of Getriebeцls during an inspection.
Which oil for which car?
Oil recommendations for the most common vehicle types in Germany *
modelHSNTSNfuelpowerOil Recommendationalternative 1alternative 2alternative 3
Audi A3 1.4 TFSI0588AHWgasoline125 hp (92 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W40
Audi A3 1.60588640gasoline101 hp (74 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W40
Audi A4 2.0 TDI0588AHAdiesel143 hp (105 kW)5W-30 - - -
BMW 118d0005AHWdiesel143 hp (105 kW)0W-305W-305W-40 -
BMW 316Ti0005716gasoline116 hp (85 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
BMW 320d0005738diesel150 hp (110 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
BMW 520d0005AYTdiesel184 hp (135 kW)0W-305W-305W-40 -
BMW X3 Xdrive 20d0005AZUdiesel184 hp (135 kW)0W-305W-305W-40 -
Citroen C1 1.03001ACOgasoline68 HP (50 kW)0W-405W-4010W-40 -
Fiat 500 1.24136AJBgasoline69 HP (51 kW)5W-40 - - -
Fiat Grande Punto 1.44136ADAgasoline77 HP (57 kW)5W-40 - - -
Ford Fiesta 1.28566AOOgasoline60 HP (44 kW)5W-30 - - -
Ford Fiesta 1.258566AOPgasoline82 HP (60 kW)5W-30 - - -
Ford Focus 1.68566ABNgasoline101 hp (74 kW)5W-30 - - -
Ford Focus 1.68566364gasoline101 hp (74 kW)5W-30 - - -
Ford Focus 1.68566ABOgasoline101 hp (74 kW)5W-30 - - -
Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI8566ABJdiesel109 hp (80 kW)5W-30 - - -
Ford Ka0928966gasoline60 HP (44 kW)5W-30 - - -
Ford Ka 1.28566APUgasoline69 HP (51 kW)5W-40 - - -
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI8566ALZdiesel140 hp (103 kW)5W-30 - - -
Hyundai i30 CW 1.41349AABgasoline109 hp (80 kW)0W-405W-405W-30 -
Mercedes A 1400710362gasoline82 HP (60 kW)0W-405W-3010W-40 -
Mercedes A 150, 1601313Conditionsgasoline95 hp (70 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
Mercedes A 1600710364gasoline102 hp (75 kW)0W-405W-3010W-40 -
Mercedes C 1800708464gasoline122 hp (90 kW)0W-405W-30 - -
Mercedes C 180 Kompressor0710564gasoline143 hp (105 kW)0W-405W-30 - -
Mercedes C 220 CDI T-Modell1313AGXdiesel170 hp (125 kW)0W-305W-305W-40 -
Opel Corsa 1.00035AFOgasoline60 HP (44 kW)0W-305W-405W-30 -
Opel Corsa 1.20035AFQgasoline80 HP (59 kW)0W-305W-405W-30 -
Opel Corsa 1.20035ALIgasoline69 HP (51 kW)0W-305W-40 - -
Opel Corsa 1.40035ALKgasoline87 HP (64 kW)0W-305W-40 - -
Opel Zafira 1.80035AERgasoline140 hp (103 kW)0W-305W-405W-30 -
Peugeot 107 1.03003ACRgasoline68 HP (50 kW)0W-405W-305W4010W-40
Peugeot 206 CC Convertible 1.63003529gasoline109 hp (80 kW)0W-405W-305W4010W-40
Renault Clio 1.23333AAOgasoline75 HP (55 kW)0W-405W-30 - -
Renault Clio 1.23004147gasoline75 HP (55 kW)0W-405W-30 -
Renault Clio 1.23004566gasoline58 HP (43 kW)0W-405W-30 - -
Renault Megane Scenic 1.6 16V3004575gasoline107 HP (79 kW)0W-4010W-6010W-40 -
Renault Twingo3004779gasoline58 HP (43 kW)0W-4010W-6010W-40 -
Renault Twingo 1.23333AQUgasoline75 HP (55 kW)0W-305W-405W-30 -
Seat Ibiza 1.47593ADMgasoline86 HP (63 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W40
Skoda Fabia 1.28004AFGgasoline60 HP (44 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W40
Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI8004ADXdiesel140 hp (103 kW)5W-30 - - -
Smart Fortwo 1.01313AHNgasoline71 hp (52 kW)0W-405W-30 - -
Toyota Aygo 1.05013AAEgasoline68 HP (50 kW)0W405W-4010W-605W-30
Toyota Yaris 1.05013AABgasoline69 HP (51 kW)0W-305W-405W-3010W-40
Toyota Yaris 1.35013AADgasoline87 HP (64 kW)0W-305W-405W-3010W-40
VW Fox 1.20603AATgasoline54 HP (40 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf III0600911gasoline75 HP (55 kW)5W-3010W-10 - -
VW Golf III0600890gasoline60 HP (44 kW)5W-3010W-10 - -
VW Golf III GL, GT0600891gasoline75 HP (55 kW)5W-3010W-10 - -
VW Golf IV 1.40603419gasoline75 HP (55 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf IV 1.60603421gasoline101 hp (74 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf V 1.40603721gasoline75 HP (55 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf V 1.60603ADEgasoline102 hp (75 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf V 1.9 TDI0603ACYdiesel105 hp (77 kW)5W-305W-40 - -
VW Golf V 1.9 TDI0603ALDdiesel105 hp (77 kW)5W-305W-40 - -
VW Golf V / VI 1.40603AMDgasoline80 HP (59 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf V / VI 1.4 TSI0603AMKgasoline122 hp (90 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf V / VI 1.60603AMBgasoline102 hp (75 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf V / VI 1.6 TDI0603APWdiesel105 hp (77 kW)5W-30 - - -
VW Golf VI 1.2 TSI0603AQJgasoline105 hp (77 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf VI 1.6 TDI0603APSdiesel105 hp (77 kW)5W-30 - - -
VW Golf VI 1.2 TSI0603AQKgasoline105 hp (77 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Golf VI 1.4 TSI0603APDgasoline122 hp (90 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Lupo 1.00603450gasoline50 HP (0037 kw)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Passat 2.0 TDI0603AYJdiesel140 hp (103 kW)5W-30 - - -
VW Passat 2.0 TDI0603AFBdiesel140 hp (103 kW)5W-305W-40 - -
VW Polo III0600300gasoline60 HP (44 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Polo III0600276gasoline50 HP (0037 kw)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Polo IV 1.20603ALMgasoline60 HP (44 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Polo IV 1.40603AKCgasoline80 HP (59 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Polo V 1.20603APNgasoline69 HP (51 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Polo V 1.20603APMgasoline60 HP (44 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Polo V 1.2 TSI0603BEBgasoline90 HP (66 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Polo V 1.40603APOgasoline86 HP (63 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI 4-Motion0603AKSdiesel140 hp (103 kW)5W-30 - - -
VW Touran 1.4 TSI0603AIGgasoline140 hp (103 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
VW Touran 1.9 TDI0603ABJdiesel105 hp (77 kW)5W-30 - - -
VW Touran 2.0 TDI0603103diesel140 hp (103 kW)5W-30 - - -
VW Up 1.00603BGUgasoline60 HP (44 kW)0W-300W-405W-305W-40
* No guarantee on the stated specifications. Inquire in doubt the manufacturer or check the specifications in the operating manual of your car. Source: Castrol lubricant index (current edition).