Down with dirt and salt!

In the cold season, road salt, dirt and moisture aggressive form a mixture which attacks paint and body. So that your car attaches no rust, it must be regelmдЯig maintained.

Mensch, Meier, which is дrgerlich! Since the car is freshly washed, he glдnzt and flashes. But after a few kilometers on the snow-covered mud and salt StraЯe it's dirty again. What to do? About the car wash is no longer so in the winter? But, right now. Because in slush, salt and ice that is at least as important as the summer, when bird droppings and dust Linde enforce the paint. Dirt and liquor now have it in for the body to work quickly deep into the last corner before. Therefore, the correct advice is: RegelmдЯig boxes towards one of the 12,000 rollovers, 2400 self-service or 1500 AutowaschstraЯen in Germany. And down with dirt and road salt veils.
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Car Care in Winter

Rubber Care: Tьr- or hood gums should be treated in winter with deer or glycerin.

How often? A fixed cycle does not exist. Frequent wash twice a week, others only once or twice a month. Here, the maintenance program must not so much into money because expensive is not necessarily always best. In most cases the Quick regelmдЯige care ranges. The car is very dirty and crusty, but you should remove the dirt before washing gently with a pressure washer. After drying the remaining machines Nдsse in corners and folding must then be taken up with a soft cloth. Tip: Anlдsslich the Wдsche цffnen the hood and remove the moist dirt that quickly accumulates there in the corners.
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You will love the very comfortable Wagenwдsche especially in winter? Then you go on one of the groЯen WaschstraЯen. Before washing spьlen Servicekrдfte front with the high-pressure cleaner, thus freeing the car from coarse dirt. The sucking after grьndlichen wash cycle is then also there, until the last Krьmel is gone. Thus, the Car Care's really SpaЯ, even in winter.

To maintain Rдder: Still mounted no winter tires? Then go! On that occasion, the summer tires should be equal gesдubert grьndlich before storing. Wheel cleaners and plenty of water are dafьr unerlдsslich. Complete Rдder store lying right tires without Rдder should be and every few weeks are rotated about a quarter of the circumference. And necessarily write with chalk on the tire, where each wheel was mounted: HR, HL, VR and VL.