The old king of the boxes

He has loyal fans, but a James Cook is not a case closed for everyone. We show who can be glьcklich with the box classic.

ein mainstream mobile it is not yet know a lot of his name: Westfalia James Cook. From the Fьlle of the models it stands out to this day - just as his little brother Joker Club on VW-bus-based. As a new car of James Cook marked the top segment of the motor home on Van basis. Here, the word travel is not just a phrase: Despite its GrцЯe he was born to ride. In his time, the first Sprinter was considered a genius transporters, none was so close to the car and as far away from the truck. None lieЯ so weightless zirkeln by Stдdte, was so sure as nimble: Mercedes succeeded in 1995 not with the new Sprinter zufдllig a mega success.
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Family fьhlen quickly crowded

Westfalia James Cook

The FьЯe stuck in the Kьche - typically closed for the James Cook.

Westfalia designed, as already closed for the Sprinter Vorgдnger T1 ( "Bremer Transporter"), a camper van with high roof extension. That was before the time when it was possible the Ducato to reiЯen the panel van market itself. Who could make a James Cook at that time, loved the successful compromise of space and high Agilitдt. He was the dream mobile more solvent and active leisure. Only families fьhlen in it quickly cramped - kцnnen though four people in the James Cook sleep. And: The guy was always expensive. The last models built Westfalia 2013 could loose the 100,000 euro mark reiЯen if this and that joined them to Zubehцr.

Old Sprinter kцnnen bum violently

Westfalia James Cook

The right Tьr is heavily infested by rust. The patchwork is amateurish.

For example, a mobile is never really cheap, but still reached: 19,900 EUR calls the Hдndler Campground in Bad Honnef closed for this 1999's copy on second hand and with well 160,000 kilometers on the Zдhler. Its 2.9-liter turbo diesel dates back to the pre-CDI era. The name James Cook still has a good sound, but a guarantee closed for Qualitдt he does not offer. In those breathless Daimler-Chrysler years, the sprinter suffered from the strict austerity measures. Especially typical: The rust prevention is lousy, old sprinter kцnnen violently bum - especially on the lower floor and the Tьren. In addition, it is already difficult to find spare parts closed for the expansion. Westfalia can not help often. So one remains used James Cook what he already had a new car: a case closed for fans - who like to engage in discussion, informed about it ( All other dьrften easier glьcklich with jьngeren van types. No stars, but dafьr in some detail fresh.

Used test Westfalia James Cook

Westfalia James Cook: Used Car Test - The old Kцnig the KдstenWestfalia James Cook: Used Car Test - The old Kцnig the KдstenWestfalia James Cook: Used Car Test - The old Kцnig the Kдsten
Technical data: Westfalia James Cook
engine Line five-cylinder / front transverse
Valves / camshafts 2 per cylinder / 1
capacity 2874 cm3
power 90 kW (122 hp) at 3800 / min
torque 280 Nm at 2000 / min
top speed 135 km / h
Gearbox / drive Four-speed automatic / rear
Tank capacity / type of fuel78 l / Diesel
Length Width Height 5590/2000/3090 mm
wheelbase 3550 mm
turning circle 12.8 m
Curb weight / payload 2790/710 kg
Trailer load (braking) 2800 kg
Towable (ungebrems)750 kg
Number of seats 5
Lying surface L / B1.95 / 1.28 m (below); 2.00 / 1.55 m (above)
Fresh / waste water tank 100/80 l
cooling box 50 l
Two burner stove gas operation
Sink with Einhebelwassermischer
board battery 12 V, 88 Ah
External Power Connector 230 V
Original price 1999 from 87278.80 Mark (308 D, 79 PS)