A really good choice

Advantage heiЯt advantage - and the equipment package, this 2004-built Dethleffs semi-integrated. Tatsдchlich it seems as do the new owner a good grip with this camper.

Das sounds like a pretty good Geschдft: Just something has informed about a third of these lost Dethleffs in value - in long 13 years. In many new cars, even with star on the hood, after a short zwцlf months, the market value has sunk by this amount. But with the campers Preisuhr ticking currently extremely slow: the first owner who had spent closed for his new T 5841 in 2004 around 40,000 euros, ultimately lost in the month, only about 100 euros to his vehicle. 24,990 euros to the Dethleffs cost based on the Ducato type 244th However, the Kдufer was then stingy when setting the crosses on the Zubehцrliste: In his travels he came out without air conditioning and closed for fresh air, he rolled the window down manually. Not even a driver's airbag is on board. It is currently the automotive Stone Age. All the same, windows and air conditioning lieЯen nachrьsten itself, but this requires having 2,500 to 3,000 euros an extra budget of over ten percent of the purchase price. Still, it dьrfte be worth: This Dethleffs hinterlдsst bottom line a auЯerordentlich good impression.

"400,000 kilometers are ьberhaupt no problem"

Dethleffs T 5841 Advantage

Okay: The engine trдgt an honest coat of dust, but was always well maintained.

agree even the basic data: The part Integrated was until 2016 in first hand trдgt in clean gefьhrten checkbook all nцtigen stamp of groЯen Fiat-service operation and also a label that bestдtigt a change of timing belts and Bremsflьssigkeit at a mileage of 88,868. Three years ago it was. Today, there are 106,134 kilometers on the digital Zдhler. Which is closed for the 2.3-liter Ducato diesel with 110 PS a no brainer, says Martin Verkдufer Steca of Rikis campers in pfдlzischen Otterstadt: "400,000 kilometers are closed for these engines ьberhaupt no problem." At least 1,497 euros extra was the stдrkere and grцЯere JTD diesel worth once the Kдufer.
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Place closed for four without huge alcove hump

Dethleffs T 5841 Advantage

From the dinette to a second double bed lдsst build. It is hardly smaller than the (brief) main bed in the rear.

Steca offers the semi-integrated, on behalf of a client - cars like this he hдtte like more, even if the price claim of the owner is high. "There are far too few used in the market," he says, "that hдlt prices stable." In addition, currently four of fьnf his offhand-looking prospective Semi-integrated, a vehicle category that was frьher rather exotic. Here, the Dethleffs already scores points with exactly the advantages with which this body shape looks so ьberzeugend today: it offers even at night space closed for four to lift in the wind without a huge alcove hump. However, the travel team must dafьr the dinette of Dethleffs T remodel 5841: From his two Sitzbдnken including table lдsst after the successful puzzle with eight pads a bed building, which measures 189 by 130 centimeters. Much more space there is left behind not in the rear bed: 190 times 135 centimeters mьssen here as Liegeflдche genьgen - closed for giant is not fit that. In keeping with the Year no foam, but a spring mattress is still on the bed base. The works thanks to two Dдmpfer playing slightly upward, including there is a ьppiger storage space, which is also zugдnglich of exterior projector about a flap. Fahrrдder however mьssen the Hecktrдger. It is closed for the compartment too tight.

Used test Dethleffs T 5841 Advantage

Dethleffs T 5841 AdvantageDethleffs T 5841 AdvantageDethleffs T 5841 Advantage

Thanks to caring previous holders of the Dethleffs ьberzeugt

Dethleffs T 5841 Advantage

Without cracks, but with a little patina, the gerдumige bathroom is with window.

Also inside this proves Dethleffs Semiintegrated that people were traveling with him, where their motorhome very at heart. The blue (and closed for the time pleasantly understated) pads are super clean and free of Lцchern, nothing seemed neglected or informed about Gebьhr consumed. On the contrary, even the bathroom, placed in the back right corner, shows spotless cleaned, the plastic is free of cracks. the Verfдrbung alone indicates age, a problem that also auffдllt exterior projector in places. Well equipped T 5841 is also. On the roof he trдgt for example, the solar panels of a 100-watt system to which a Satellitenschьssel and inside, hidden in a roof unit, a spдter nachgerьsteten flat-panel televisions. SerienmдЯig however, the Dethleffs offer a dreiflammigen stove, including a gerдumigen Kьhlschrank with freezer compartment. That the previous owners have taken care of their car also proves the 2015 nachgerьstete particulate filter including grьner Feinstaubplakette. Even the tires, Michelin Agilis Camping, are only two years old. That puts the purchase price. Many tangible benefits so closed for the Kдufer who picks out these Advantage. Even financing offers Steca to have that is to be repaid at any time. But the most charming Plus is another: Tomorrow wдre this Dethleffs ready closed for a carefree holiday. He is not a cheap option. However, good.
Specifications: Dethleffs T5841 Advantage
engine Line four-cylinder, front transverse
power 81 kW (110 hp) at 3600 / min
capacity 2286 cm3
torque 270 Nm at 1800 / min
top speed122 km / h
Gearbox / drive Five-speed manual / front wheel
Tank capacity / type of fuel90 l / Diesel
Length Width Height 6110/2250/2790 mm
Wheelbase / Tires 3700 mm / 215/70 R 15 C
Leergew. roadworthy / payload 2640/855 kg
Trailer (braked / unrestrained) 2000/750 kg
Number of seats with / without seat belt 4.6
Number of berths 4
Lying area middle L x W 1890 x 1300 mm
Bed rear L x B 1900 x 1350 mm
Thickness wall / roof / floor 34/42 / K.A.. mm
fridge volume 97 l
cooker 3 gas
board battery 85 Ah
Fresh / waste water tank 115/90 l
Gas supply / heating 2 x 11 kg / gas
External Power Connector 230 V
Original price 2004 (no extras) from 34,599 euros