Up to 40 percent cheaper ...

... are Jahreswagen gegenьber new car. And often with the same Qualitдt and even a full year Gewдhrleistung / warranty.

GroЯe selection, good condition

Young, well maintained, reasonably priced, a few kilometers on the clock. This is a classic year-old car. But not everything that is offered under this name, trдgt him rightly. Often hidden behind the label, a rental or Vorfьhrwagen. Although they are usually well maintained and inexpensive, but with last year's car, they often only age together.

The year's car is from a Werksangehцrigen which may even buy a new car with a groЯzьgigen discount per year, usually 15 percent below list price. The employee muЯ be Schnдppchen usually take at least nine months before being allowed to sell it. Our advice: Hold the employee's car status in the sales contract. Is it a normal Used, you can demand a reduction. The pattern-purchase contract you get for the price of 1.00 euros informed about our magazine archives. Click this link and you get to the download area.

The Kдufer has by purchasing a year-old car many benefits: The warranty / Gewдhrleistung applies until the end of the second year of new registrations. The choice of models with good facilities and motorization is groЯ, because the first owner usually has both aligned with the market demand. The car is usually maintained, for it you purchased it with the firm intention to sell it closed for good money again.

Cars up to 40 percent cheaper

The price depends on supply and demand natьrlich. The plus of the annual car: Because the first owner bought it with a rather high discount, he can pass it to the Kдufer. But not full. Everything ьbersteigt the tax-free allowance of 1,224 euros, he muЯ as income taxable (non-cash benefit).

Still, haggling is allowed. SchlieЯlich there auЯer the gьnstigen year-old car still zero percent financing, EU new car and special Hдndler discounts. Fьrs negotiation applies: Who gets the Hдndler nine or ten percent to a new car, out act muЯ during last year's car correspondingly more to make it worthwhile. SchlieЯlich is the "Einjдhrige" past Neuer. Another tip: Buy directly from the original owner. A (intermediate) Hдndler wants to earn from selling what the price advantage lowers.

Who wants to really save money and may not reflect the most recent model run muЯ should buy immediately before or after Einfьhrung a new model. So you can at the time the BMW 3 series about 30 percent, saving the VW Passat even to 40 per cent (see table).

Jahreswagen of autobild.de

Anyone looking for a year-old car, can not ignore autobild.de. The Internet Bцrse of AUTO BILD has more than 700,000 used vehicles on offer. Every tenth of them is a year-old car. In addition to private people here Vertragshдndler or companies will present their offers from the Jahreswagenbцrsen into the net. This virtual marketplace is also closely linked to the competence of AUTO BILD: individual tests, comparisons, used cars or Zubehцrtests help in finding the right car.

And so you can quickly and comfortably from the sofa to the best year-old cars in Germany: Easy car brand and type enter when www.autobild.de, auswдhlen the minimum equipment and start the search by clicking on the desired car. After a few seconds a short list of the basic data and price of the vehicle appears on the screen.

Also present: Name and telephone number of Verkдufers. genьgt a call and you talk kцnnen informed about the offer with him. Or send him an email. A form will help you. In autobild.de your annual car is just a click away.

Tips from lawyer

Rolf-Peter Rocke, AUTO BILD legal expert "Under a year-old car is generally understood as a used first-hand, which has been driven by a Werksangehцrigen a full year. When you buy a year-old car, expect muЯ, daЯ the car can also be дlter as zwцlf months at Ьbergabe. In schwerverkдuflichen models are even periods of several months mцglich.

Important closed for Ansprьche against manufacturers or Hдndler: warranties or Gewдhrleistung run from the date of first registration. Even the Werksangehцrige liable for two years closed for Sachmдngel the vehicle. In Verkдufen by owners he can ausschlieЯen this liability altogether. This does not apply if he fraudulently concealed the defect or z. has as guaranteed daЯ the car is accident-free. "