The cost of Slingshot

Polaris brings the lightweight Slingshot SL tatsдchlich to Germany - the end of 2015! We reveal what it cost power tricycle with 175 hp.

Polaris Slingshot

Under the Heck a centrally mounted on a rocker, fat tire ensures closed for propulsion in 18 or 20 inches.

but little weight, dafьr tidy performance, and he has on a wheel: Polaris Slingshot is a cross between a motorcycle and an open sports car. Lange was not sure if the 3.80 meters long and only 1.32 meters flat power tricycle come wьrde to Germany, but now is clear: In the fourth quarter of 2015 there will be tatsдchlich to buy the Slingshot in this country. The price: from 29,990 euros. The basic version of Slingshot and the deluxe version Slingshot SL LE will not happen, according to information of a speaker in the foreseeable future, as there is still pending homologation.
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With its angular body parts made of plastic the dreirдdrige Gefдhrt looks like it wдre out of a science fiction film. Four searchlights on the x-fцrmigen front let three look at him grimly. A certain Дhnlichkeit the KTM X-Bow, the purist slingshot to German: not deny slingshot or catapult. The rear of the two-seat power dwarf is even ungewцhnlicher than the front: Here is emblazoned in the basic version a centrally mounted on a rocker, fat 255mm 20-inch tires, which - driven informed about a belt - like some Motorrдdern. That the bцse tricycle with Zweiradtechnik manages, is the Polaris at low weight. Just 786 kilos does the purist Gefдhrt on the scale.

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Polaris Slingshot SL: Presentation and price - the cost of SlingshotPolaris Slingshot SL: Presentation and price - the cost of SlingshotPolaris Slingshot SL: Presentation and price - the cost of Slingshot
Polaris Slingshot

Polaris promises a very direct Fahrgefьhl with the slingshot.

Polaris promises a very direct Fahrgefьhl. Closed for a rigid chassis a hidden under the plastic skin provides space frame made of steel. Between the size 225-Vorderrдdern the engine that gives the tricycle with 2.4 liters and 175 horsepower to the ordinary performance is. The four-cylinder braces respectable 225 Nm of torque to the crankshaft, which are sent manually informed about Fьnf-speed gearbox to the rear wheel. To driving safety are ABS and ESP serienmдЯig on board. Even an infotainment system that verfьgt informed about 4.3 inch display, USB port and Bluetooth connectivity and Rьckfahrkamera are on board.

Among the performance Polaris silent so far, but should be in there with the lightweight least pace 210th Closed for the standard sprint from 0 to 100, we expect a period of about four seconds.