Chaos cops in Miami

"Ride Along: Next Level Miami" with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube will start in theaters. AUTO BILD verrдt whether the ticket is worth.

Polizist James Payton (Ice Cube) and police trainee Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) make the second part of "Ride Along" a trip to Miami. There they get a cartel on the ropes, they use the TAFFEN® policewoman Maya (Olivia Munn) and hacker A.J. (Ken Jeong) want to bring down. Ben sees this as his chance to prove himself.

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Theatrical release: "Ride Along 2" - Chaos cops in MiamiTheatrical release: "Ride Along 2" - Chaos cops in MiamiTheatrical release: "Ride Along 2" - Chaos cops in Miami
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Vefolgungsjagd GTA-style

"Taxi" director Tim Story already landed a public-hit with the first part of "Ride Along". In the continuation of a brilliant comedian Kevin Hart and makes something dьnne story with slapstick а la "Naked Gun" for parody of action films such as "Fast Furious. "The chase in baby blue Jaguar XJR is the scene from the video game" Grand Theft Auto ", an exploding Bentley takes Ben Barber out not easy." You weiЯt know that your Versicherungsprдmien be extremely rise, "he informed his partner. The plays Ice Cube as a modern BA from the "a-team". Instead of gold chains he trдgt police badge, the sunglasses will not be removed even in the dark, and natьrlich he does not fly freely in airplane "Ride Along 2" lдuft from January 21 2016 in theaters.