The S-Class of 2025

Mercedes at the IAA the future of luxury cars. Emission-free, comfortable and дsthetisch it goes with the F 125 the year 2025th

None, the automotive future not erschцpft in small, electrically powered city runabouts. Earners also need kьnftig not give up their luxury car class. Like the kцnnte look Mercedes at the IAA with the F 125 and gives the whole a really italicized exclamation mark yet bold emphasis. With the F 125 Stuttgart look two generations of vehicles in the future. And which is impressive because of the F 125! has on board technologies that are currently not yet are sorry, but showing in basic research all promising Ansдtze. The body of the four-seat Flьgeltьrers is manufactured in hybrid lightweight construction. In addition to weight reduction (among others faserverstдrkte plastics, carbon-carbon fibers, aluminum) is not only reduces weight but also erhцht safety thanks to the potent material mixture.

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Mercedes F 125!

The hydrogen storage is vollstдndig integrated into the body structure of the Flьgeltьrers.

Therefore, the F 125 can do without a B-Sдule. And that the messenger from the future of technology in Gepдck: Mercedes rьckt hydrogen as Energietrдger the future into focus. The memory is vollstдndig integrated into the body structure of the vehicle. Around 7.5 Kilo hydrogen can absorb housed in the floor composite memory. Compared with today's high-pressure reservoirs that are befьllt with up to 700 bar pressure, kьnftigen copies viewable using external less space. That on a targeted pressure of 30 bar previously nцtige bulky shape of the tank entfдllt. As an energy store a lithium-sulfur battery having a function Kapazitдt of 10 kWh. At the time of mцglichen series use them kцnnte be twice as leistungsfдhig as today's models.

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Mercedes F 125!

In the peak F 125 are! 313 hp Verfьgung. In 4.9 seconds, it is to 100, Vmax should be at 220 km / h.

Herzstьck of the actuator is a fuel cell. It is an enhanced version of the drive from the B-Class F-Cell and also uses components of the SLS E-Cell AKG. The savior supplies the current closed for four near the wheels built electric motors and provides a continuous output of 231 hp Verfьgung. At peak even 313 hp are available. the F 125 thus accelerates in 4.9 seconds from zero to 100 and reaches a Hцchstgeschwindigkeit of 220 km / h. The consumption should be at 0.79 kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometers. This corresponds to about 2.7 liters of diesel. The combination of battery and fuel cell ermцglicht a range that erased the widespread among today's electric cowards concern around breaking down: Up to 1000 kilometers mцglich, 50 of them are kцnnen zurьckgelegt purely battery-electric.

Also closed for the department comfort the future hдlt willing exciting developments. Since wдre as the "Natural Handing". is the fact that the operation largely informed about language, gestures and Berьhrungen proceeds meant. Thus, for example, the Flьgeltьren can easily цffnen of hands and Close. The car becomes an attentive companion and Gesprдchspartner. The driver can request tailored to his messages and even ask specifically without taking the Hдnde off the wheel. The multimedia systems of the F 125 are seamlessly and content ьbergreifend networked and not distracting, so Mercedes. Thanks to the stдndigen conjunction with the "cloud" can sдmtliche he used media ьbergangslos use in his car the driver.

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Furthermore, hochauflцsende screens with 3D and projection technology play a role in groЯe research vehicle. Set the Kombiinstrumete represent are fьrs watching movies for Verfьgung and replace the conventional Rьckspiegel. About the "Remote Control", the car can be configured remotely. For example, Navi and entertainment systems equal when boarding are ready. New assistance systems round trip into the future. The "Advanced Driving Assist" fьhrt hдufig occurring Fahrmanцver - such as changing lanes or Ьberholvorgдnge - upon request by selbststдndig. AuЯerdem, the F exchange 125 information with other cars, traffic lights or traffic centers and warn its driver accordingly before mцglichen hazards.