The cost of the Volvo V40

Volvo has announced the prices for the new V40 known. Launch is the designer-bite from Sweden is in April, but delivered only in September 2012 found.

Dhe new Volvo V40 can be ordered from April 2012, at what price, which the Swede have betrayed now. To start, there are two petrol (1.6-liter turbo with 150 and 180 hp) and three diesel (1.6 liter, 115 HP and 2.0-liter, 115 to 177 hp). The smallest petrol engine is erhдltlich from 24,680 euros, and the base diesel below with 24,980 euros the mark of 25,000 euros. Spдter will follow later stдrkere gasoline to 254 hp. The new V40 gets Volvo typically a ьppige safety equipment. Is the first production vehicle in the world, he comes with a FuЯgдnger airbag. If an accident happens, the hood raises, and the air bag from lцst. The aufgeblдhte airbag covers the portion from beneath the now geцffneten bonnet, to about one-third of the windshield as well as the lower part of the A-Sдule. Interior schьtzt the driver knee airbag - a first in the Volvo world.

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Volvo V40

Interior sets Volvo on a newly developed instrument display with a fully digital Oberflдche.

To buy the Sweden among others an advanced City Safety system, a lane assistant with Lenkunterstьtzung, an intelligent parking assistants, automatic traffic sign recognition, active beam and a radar-based Cross Traffic Alert system. The warning at intersections or when leaving a parking space in front of the side approaching vehicles. Up to a distance of 30 meters also cyclists and FuЯgдnger be registered. And there is more: In V40 the emergency brake assist is used with automatic FuЯgдngererkennung. This system detects FuЯgдnger who enter the road ahead of the vehicle. It alerts the driver and automatically applies full braking if it does not respond in time. Up to a speed of 35 km / h, the system can prevent collisions with FuЯgдngern.
Prices Volvo V40 (March 2012)
modeldisplacement cm3horsepowerPrice euro
Volvo V40 T3159815024680
Volvo V40 T4159818026980
Volvo V40 D2156011524980
Volvo V40 D3198415026280
Volvo V40 D4198417728980