Perfect opened

Frankly: The new convertible from the CLK, Mercedes-Benz has ьbertroffen itself. The airy four-seater can be better than Vorgдnger everything - without choking on perfection.

Sie not kцnnen different. The Mercedes-people - it mьssen be that of the old school - are perfectionists. So do not they just built a new CLK convertible, but a four-seater open car that can do everything perfect. Nearly perfect. The convertible fдhrt with the roof closed quieter than many neat verlцtete sedans. The thick canopy gefьtterte has a rekordverdдchtig groЯe heated rear window made of glass. It цffnet electrohydraulic in 20 seconds - almost silently, of course - and then parked almost seamlessly into the bodywork. Behind closed doors erzдhlen the developers of Karmann, where the convertible lдuft from the tape that they kцnnen design mьhelos hдtten a metal folding roof а la SLK or SL. but that the hдtte now with 390 liters of unrivaled groЯen trunk (Audi A4 Cabrio 315 liters, BMW 3 Series Convertible 300 liters) significantly reduced. Those are things to think about the Mercedes-Benz developers even in a convertible. As if it ankдme it.

Inside, every detail is right

Really they have then lived out their perfection engine in the interior. Here is just perfect every detail. After boarding about the seat belts are quietly humming passed from automatic belt feeders. Of the average 50-year-old CLK convertible customers such helpful service will certainly gratefully accepted, but also I (41) freely admit: Man (n) can gewцhnen it. Just as the ьbrigen amenities: The top button for about twice occupied. Tapping twice, цffnen all four side windows. Natьrlich the center armrest is hцhenverstellbar, and probably evolved in Siberia seats wдrmt not only the GesдЯ but fired the Rьcken up to the Schulterblдttern so that you can drive around the Arctic Circle as well grilled.

At least if you sit forward. Because in the rear it is grundsдtzlich ungemьtlicher. Even if the Convertible is available as a four-seater in the papers: Adults kцnnen there just to sit comfortably when the leading people to play. Even if space permits, the second row should be reserved for more robust natures. The wind schlдgt there merciless to the front. So from a speed of 80 hairstyles come violently confused, from a hundred things it hurts then right, and at 120 I cry gehцrt people quietly - with a Lдcheln on the lips ...

Wohlklang under the hood

Forward, however I sit geschьtzt and comfortable because of schrдgen windscreen and high body. In the City of wind caresses softly the crown, on the LandstraЯe I take a deep breath and relaxed by, from 120, then, is also the SpaЯ over. Then the wind blдst violently into the cockpit. But with a convertible we want to slide and do not race - although the CLK range of engines allows both. Top-selling unit (about 30 percent) will be with us the 200 Kompressor with 163 hp. then Darьber follows the 240 V6 with 170 hp. The world's most sought-after of the 3.2-liter will be the ever breathed us at Mallorca plumper Mдrzsonne Frьhlingsgefьhle the pleasure center. This V6 is more likely to zurьckhaltend and fits well into a convertible.

Natьrlich one is not really slow go with the 218 hp, but the 1,730 kilos of empty weight (80 kilos more than the Coupй) Always spьren. He fдllt less by ьberschдumendes temperament as by a warm, flattering gentle harmony. And please, who mцchte set out to closed for the there is the Fьnfliter V8 with 306 hp and closed for sun worshipers who really need it, the 5.5-liter AMG with 367 hp.

Perfection has its price

Ensure that the suspension thus not kцnnte cope, no one really needs to do. The convertible is so full and satisfied on the StraЯe that it dьrfte cope with such services mьhelos. In addition, Mercedes-Benz has verlдngert the body to 4.64 meters and so aufwдndig stiffened that even on ьblem Gelдuf trembles nothing. And let none of you that not even the good Schwaben kцnnen be unvernьnftig. They have, for example, serienmдЯig missed the CLK convertible a mixed tires front 205/55 R 16, 225/50 R 16, the rear Also the trдgt natьrlich at the ausgeprдgt agile handling. Just as typical Mercedes are but then again the courses that call Stuttgart. Also knew somehow that it was not wьrde provide for a special price this almost perfect wind machine.

The price list starts with confident 41,644 euros (200 K). By comparison, the Audi A4 Cabriolet 1.8T, also with 163 hp will cost 32,450 euros, BMW 320Ci Cabrio 170 hp is available from 34,900 euros. No obstacle closed for the CLK Kдufer. Mercedes-Benz expects from sales start in May with a Verhдltnis of Convertible Coupй of about one third to two thirds. The then wдren 30,000 cars worldwide in nдchsten year. Sometimes just ten thousand more than the Vorgдnger. As I said, perfectly opened.

Standard equipment and extras

How wдhlen including the new CLK Cabriolet between two lines in Coupй kцnnen Mercedes customers: Elegance and Avantgarde. More choice there is on the engines: gasoline Fьnf offer the Swabians to Markteinfьhrung.
SerienmдЯig Front airbags, side / head airbags, armrest with double compartment, one-button operation closed for four windows, individual rear seats, belt feeders front, automatic climate control, multifunction steering wheel, cassette radio, cruise control, fine wood, ESP, six-speed transmission, fog lights, rain sensor, automatically extending Ьberrollschutz, electric soft top with remote control ,
Free of charge Avantgarde instead Elegance with Aluzierteilen instead of wood, other upholstery and alloy wheels.
Distance radar 2,366 euros, bi-xenon light 1,119 euros, Automatic 2,030 euros, keyless Go1183 euro, metallic paint 806 euros, Parktronic 754 euros, leather upholstery 1,850 euros, Comand system with navigation and CD radio 2,459 euros, driver's seat and Lenksдule electrically adjustable 875 EUR , Heated front seats 342 Euros, ski bag 174 euros, 336 euros windbreak.