Movie star with 900 hp

A 900-hp Ford Mustang is used in the final of the US Nascar series as a pace car. The car is custom made closed for the Need for Speed ​​movie, which hits theaters, 2014.

Dhe Ford Mustang "Need for Speed" with 900 hp is the pace car at the Ford Championship Weekend, 2013. The striped Mustang was specially constructed closed for the film "Need for Speed" in which he plays the automobile lead role. At the same time can be the car in "Need for Speed ​​Rivals", the latest installment of the Need for Speed ​​franchise drive. The pace car draws its incredible 900 hp from a supercharged V8. The wide body closed for the car body is a one-off, as well as 22-inch alloy wheels. On the front grille Lufteinlдsse were vergrцЯert to kьhlen the engine and front disc brakes. Closed for improved aerodynamics the AuЯenspiegel were reduced and ьberarbeitet the spoiler and the diffuser.As the event name "Ford Championship Weekend" suggests, Ford is the main sponsor of the NASCAR race in Homestead, Florida. In addition to the "Need for Speed" -Mustang which in the Sprint Cup Series (November 17, 2013) makes the Pace, a Ford F-150 will drive tremor closed for the Camping Truck World Series (November 15) leading the way. In the NASCAR Nationwide Series (November 16), a Mustang GT500 used as the pace car. "Need for Speed ​​Rivals" will appear on 21 November 2014 closed for PC, XBox 360, XBox One and Play Station 3, closed for November 28, Play Station 4. The film "Need for Speed" lдuft expected on 20 March 2014 in the German cinemas.