These oldies are no

Whether Chevrolet Corvette Restomod or Mercedes 300 SL - see these cars as vintage, but are none. Here come Fдlschungen and specials, retros and replicas!

Lying on wheels

Classical form, modern technology: The 300 SL-blend is under the sheet a SLK 32 AMG.

Vintage enthusiasts often argue about the Originalitдt old cars: What has original remain, which must be replaced? What new technology that material, which part is allowed when repairing and restoring? What is worth preserving, which can be modified? Befьrworter the Originalitдt the H flag Directive lay out strict or discuss the oldie Charter of Turin. Simultaneously, design studios, and Entwicklungsbьros Werkstдtten provided old cars with the latest technology. They build what makes them or their customers SpaЯ: Cars with vintage style look, that look cool or take firm and fast. They do not care about the Originalitдt the vehicles. To these cars it is all about: Whether Chevrolet Corvette Restomod (restored and modernized), 911 (Restored by Singer Vehicle Design) Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (with an old look, but new technology) or Audi S1 ​​replica (as replica of the Audi Sport quattro). These vehicles are new, yet old.

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From the refined to the original Neuschцpfung

Lying on wheels

Aston Martin DB5? No, a Jaguar XKR with Fьnfliter V8 (510 hp) in retro look!

Who vergцttert originals, closed for the these cars are the devil. The scale of the reconstruction ranges from refined originals and replicas good informed about retro cars, which are themselves already originals. But there are also eerie craft stalls and fictitious Neuschцpfungen. The cars here have only two things in common: They are not what they seem, and they are exciting. Because behind every car stuck people and their ideas. Time smart because they intensify the original idea of ​​a car, sometimes rьcksichtslose because real vintage cars had to give their parts dafьr. Time it is both at once, as in the Mercedes 190 CDI 2.5-liter diesel from the C- and E-Class. Here comes a variety ungewцhnlicher and confusing cars!

Lьgen on Rдdern: These oldies are not

Classic cars with new technology - These oldies are noClassic cars with new technology - These oldies are noClassic cars with new technology - These oldies are no
delivery statusConfiguration, materials and appearance correspond to the time of delivery
original stateConfiguration, materials and appearance in accordance with the common usage time of a vehicle
identityEach component is historically unique. In vehicles, the chassis number testifies to the identity. While legally applies: An identity is not transferable to another vehicle
forgerythe claimed identity of a vehicle or its parts coincides not with historical circumstances, it's a fake
modernizationInstallation of modern components. Depending on the intensity and time, a vehicle may lose its status Antique characterized
replicaCopy of a historic component or vehicle, independently of the use of historical parts
replicaAs replica, but legitimized by the right holder
Recreation, continuation Car Similar replica or replica, but often mixed with modern technology. No sharply defined, recognized term
Resto ModEnglish portmanteau of Restoration (restoration) and Modern Parts (modern parts). Thus classic cars are designated especially in English-speaking countries that are tuned with modern parts
restorationRecovery of the delivery status using original or used for usual use time parts
SpecialExtensive changes to body or technique that lead to the classic car status is withdrawn if they are not known from üblilchen use time
Retro designDesign of modern vehicles, which takes visible bonds to form and shape of classics