➤ Performance: Up to 800 km range?
➤ Interior: Reduced, modern and airy
➤ Drive: soft and sporty in Level 2
➤ equipment: air suspension closed for the Model 3 (Update!)
➤ Laden: No Free Supercharging
➤ prices and motors: Model 3 with 80.5 kWh battery?
➤ Delivery: production problems and record loss
➤ Production: Musk shows Slo-Mo Video (NEW)

Performance: Up to 800 km range?

Video: Tesla Model S, X, and Y 3 (2017)

The Tesla generations

New information on the scope of the Model 3! betrayed Vorlдufige documents of American Umweltbehцrde EPA that the Model 3 a 80.5-kWh battery with nearly 500 km (310 Miles) to get coverage. In addition, the EPA will be converted to a Model 3 Long Range 797 km (495 Miles) be purely electrically driven. These values ​​dьrfte the Behцrde probably achieved under optimal conditions, because to according to recent media reports Elon Musk the range of the normal model 3 continues with 220 miles (about 350 km) and 310 miles (about 500 km) specify closed for the Long Range version - ranges that are likely to put everyday use basis. The Batteriekapazitдt Musk has reportedly given as "just informed about 50 kWh" and "75 kWh". bestдtigt Officially, however, these values ​​are not.

The fast performance version of the Model 3 with the name "P100D" Tesla will bring expected in the summer of 2018 on the market, which has Tesla CEO Elon Musk verkьndet via Twitter. Currently, the fastest version, the sprint to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds, with the top model dьrften less than three seconds be nцtig. However, the mid car is not faster than the speed Model S (0 to 100 km / h in 2.7 seconds). Closed for more driving an zusдtzlicher electric motor on the front axle of the Model 3 is used - so get the electric car in addition to the performance boost is also a four-wheel drive. As with the other Tesla models of particularly fast "Ludicrous" mode and the "Smart Air" air suspension dьrften be serienmдЯig the Model 3 P100D. AUTO BILD expects a starting price of 80,000 dollars.

The first 30 Kдufer have received their Model 3 at a party in the Tesla plant California. AUTO BILD reporter Hauke ​​Schrieber was there, the Model 3 looked more closely and could drive closed for ten minutes even. Photography was strictly forbidden - mцgliche quirks of these first cars that roll in Fremont from the band should not go around the world. The first impression of Model 3: Typical Tesla, and yet different. A monolith. As though half of a piece, steel, half Alu (Model S: only aluminum). What other do not dare make Tesla simple: E-Motor in the rear. battery pack in the ground. Front and back Kofferrдume. The top, roof almost entirely glass. A unique design, without being too schrдg.

Interior: Reduced, modern and airy

All the Tesla Model 3

The gigantic display is installed horizontally. Herkцmmliche instruments accounts.

© Tesla

The model is 3 per Smartphone geцffnet and is ready to start. Hauke ​​Schrieber takes place - and sits in the future. "The cockpit consists of steering wheel with two small Knцpfen that govern everything a 15-inch touchscreen and nothing else. Round instruments? Lьftungsdьsen? Switch? Center console with gear lever and handbrake? All this seems to me plцtzlich before ancient. no person needs. Dafьr place, and I more than enough. Despite 1.92 meters a few inches ьberm head (also in the back!) And rear sufficient legroom. Not business class, but premium economy. fresh air comes in the model 3 About a novel Belьftungssystem of a single slot. "

Drive: soft and sporty in Level 2

The first trip consists of a lap around the gigantic Tesla factory, certainly by Auto-Pilot (Level 2, so the Hдnde always steering wheel Nдhe, costs $ 5,000 extra). Editor Schrieber: "The fascination of driving I know from Model S and X. This here but not a fat sedan, not a fat SUV Das. compact format are the "3" a certain Selbstverstдndlichkeit. not because these Wдre E-typical rubber band acceleration. The stдrkere version with the grцЯeren range that I drive is in 5.1 seconds to 100 km / h. The suspension: A compromise of American soft and sporty, softer than a 3 Series BMW. "

New hybrid and electric cars (until 2022)

Tesla Model 3 (2017): Information - All information on model 3Tesla Model 3 (2017): Information - All information on model 3Tesla Model 3 (2017): Information - All information on model 3

Disadvantages of the Tesla Model 3

Since there is no head-up display, the view often moves to the right on the horizontal tablet full of information. And less on the StraЯe. Hauke ​​Schrieber: "This is the disadvantage This radical designs. And: Even with the comparatively Tesla gьnstige price must come from somewhere - that is plastic installed, the trunk can only be geцffnet mechanically. And who wants to have the "open-pored wood decor" double Ablagefдcher and two-time mobile phone connector, again pay $ 5000 closed for the "Premium Package".

The first 30 Tesla Model 3 went to employees. You should teething Report. By the end of 2017, the production will be ramped up to 5,000 cars a month, then half a million per year. Zunдchst only the expensive high-end version. Then the long list of pre-orders will be processed.

Equipment: air suspension closed for the Model 3

This is the Tesla Model 3

Model 3 customers have little choice, so that the first cars roll off the line as fast as mцglich.

© Twitter / @ sfmartinlin

Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter that the Tesla Model in the US is erhдltlich with air suspension at the beginning of 2018. 3 The Smart Air suspension can be, even automatically adjust driveways or дhnliches and makes use of GPS data. The air suspension is so popular with Model S and Model X, Tesla that has made the system in the US as standard (before 3000 US dollars apply). Closed for the Model 3, the feature will cost extra and be erhдltlich only in conjunction with the groЯen battery pack. Apart from Tesla rдumt customers zunдchst hardly Wahlmцglichkeiten in equipping one to kцnnen quickly ramp up production: only the paint color, Rдder and the autopilot function are available. The comfort package and the grцЯere battery are standard, only spдter Tesla will supply later a gьnstigere version.

Option list ● Premium Interior: 5000 US Dollar (USD)Autopilot: 5000 USDfully autonomous driving (when are sorry and with autopilot): 3000 USDMetallic paint: 1000 USD19-inch Sportrдder: 1500 USD

Loading: No Free Supercharging

The rapid charge to the Super chargers is not expected to be free of charge such as the Model S and Model X Mцglicherweise Tesla offers a nachbuchbare rapid load, this option had already closed for the entry-level version of the Model S with 60 kWh battery (not erhдltlich).

Electric cars and their reach

Tesla Model 3 (2017): Information - All information on model 3Tesla Model 3 (2017): Information - All information on model 3Tesla Model 3 (2017): Information - All information on model 3

Prices and motors: Model 3 with 80.5-kWh battery?

Closed for the Tesla Model 3 already 400,000 people have been already paying 1,000 euros. And Tesla boss Elon Musk expects that it will soon be one million. Because the price (in the US) at just under $ 35,000 (the equivalent of 29,900 euros) begins. Abzьglich different e-subsidies launches the "E-car closed for all" in the US at 25,400 US dollars (21,400 euros). Theoretically. Very theoretical. Tatsдchlich is the car (up to 500 km range and equipped), cost informed about 60,000 US dollars (50,500 euros) and with a few options at the 70,000 dollar mark scratch (59,000 euros). The first US customers who order now to get the Model 3, according to Elon Musk end of 2018. In Germany the first private model 3 dьrfte probably roll in 2019 informed about the StraЯen, the price is still unclear.

The US EPA has Umweltbehцrde we publish vorlдufige documents Model third According to the EPA, the Tesla-entry model is a 80.5 kWh battery (262 hp) obtain, thus almost 500 km range should be mцglich. The weight is the Umweltschutzbehцrde with 1,740 kilos. If you believe the documents, the Long Range version is in the first test even 797 km have managed without recharging.

The following specifications AUTO BILD has learned from official sources:

Model 3 (standard) • Battery GrцЯe: K. A. (AUTO BILD assumed 55 kWh)Electric motor power: K. A.Range: up to 350 km *Charging time 210 km range / 30 min (supercharger). 48 km range / h. (32A)0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 secondsHцchstgeschwindigkeit: 208 km / hEmpty weight: 1610 kg • Price (Autumn 2017): from 35,000 USD.

Model 3 (Long Range) • Battery GrцЯe: K. A. (AUTO BILD assumed 75 kWh)Electric motor power: K. A.Range: up to 500 km *Charging time: 272 km Range / 30 min (Supercharger); 60 km range / hr. (40 A)0 to 100 km / h 5.1 secondsHцchstgeschwindigkeit: 224 km / hEmpty weight: 1730 kg • Price (From July 2017): from 44,000 USD.

General data • Dimensions: L / W / H 4694/1849/1443 mm • Wheelbase: 2875 mm • drag coefficient: 0.23 • rear wheel drive • Manufacturer Warranty: 4 years or 80,000 km warranty • Battery: 8 years or 160,000 km ( standard) and 192,000 kilometers (Long Range)
* EPA cycle (more realistic US value)

Delivery time: production problems bring record loss

Tesla further does not get its production problems in Model 3 under control. Now, production can not be ramped up spдter December 2017 but only three months so that wцchentlich 5000 car kцnnen roll off. You keep going further progress, a temporal prediction closed for the Lцsung of the problems but you do not make kцnne, Tesla announced on November 2 2017th The grцЯten difficulties there are, therefore, in the battery manufacturing. The continuing difficulties bestowed Tesla in the third quarter 2017 with a loss of 619 million dollars (532 million euros) a record loss. The result: the Tesla shares fell after the nachbцrslichen trade by almost fьnf percent. Revenue, however, also increased by 30 percent to 2.98 billion dollars.

Video: Tesla shows model-3 production

To be informed about reports delivery problems confront, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a video on Instagram, where the FlieЯband production of the Tesla Model 3 is shown, slowed down to a tenth of the speed. Four robotic arms put SchweiЯpunkte on a body shell of a model. 3