➤Vorstellung: Cayenne Turbo is the top model
➤Interieur: The cockpit is technically up to date
➤Fahren: In the SUV in 3.9 seconds to 100 km / h (UPDATE!)
➤Ausstattung: Adaptive roof spoiler at Turbo
➤Connectivity: Cayenne is serienmдЯig and permanently online
➤Motoren: Three engines for launch
➤Technische and prices: top model starts at 138,850 euros
➤Gebrauchtwagen: Cayenne ride closed for less than 10,000 euros

Presentation: Cayenne Turbo is the top model

Old look, new technology: the one kцnnte at first glance think! However, Porsche promises that the Cayenne everything is new. The third generation of the Porsche SUV has been completely redesigned. As already Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga is also the new Cayenne on the MLB platform. A combination of aluminum, carbon fiber and high-strength steel is to make the Porsche lighter and more agile.

Newer than it looks

Be honest: The Дnderungen at the front are not really visible.

The design, Porsche will have deliberately oriented to the 911th In fact, at the front of the new Cayenne is hardly distinguishable from the old. The Lufteinlдsse are a bit grцЯer - that's it. Overall, the Cayenne is six centimeters lдnger and minimally flatter than before. The wheelbase remains at unverдnderten 2.90 meters. A small Ьberraschung there at the tail: The off-roader trдgt the well-known of the Panamera durchgдngige luminous band. That was to be expected, but is still new. Overall, the SUV is very carefully adjusted to the current design language of Porsche. Frankly, the new Cayenne kцnnte visually but also smooth pass as a facelift. Thanks to aluminum body and other aluminum parts Porsche was able to reduce the weight, despite more facilities by 55 kilos to 1,985 kilos. The unused by most customers off-Fдhigkeiten want to keep the Cayenne. The competitor closed for BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE can now be ordered with three engines, the first cars will be delivered even 2,017th At least 74,828 € be closed for the new 340-hp Cayenne fдllig which stдrkere Cayenne S starts at 91,964 €. The 550-hp top model Cayenne Turbo will cost at least 138,850 €.

All new Porsche by 2021

Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?

Interior: The cockpit is technically up to date

Last test laps with the Porsche Cayenne

The 12.3-inch display is known from the Panamera. In the center console some Knцpfe were saved.

Depending on which side the driver nдhert the new Cayenne, doubts arise whether it tatsдchlich thus is the third generation and a completely new car or perhaps there's just a facelift. In the interior, but then there is clarity - the cockpit is tatsдchlich scratch. The instruments are dominated by analog tachometer, arranged natьrlich center, as befits gehцrt closed for a Porsche. Right and left next to radiate two sharp, seven inches groЯe displays that can be individually configured: Navi, speed, music - all just a click away. This happens while almost intuitively informed about the steering wheel buttons and is also closed for Porsche newcomers no problem.

Porsche Advanced Cockpit from the Panamera

Herzstьck is the new Porsche Cayenne in Advanced cockpit with 12.3-inch touch screen. The system is up to date and does not need to hide from the competition: voice input, Annдherungssensor and stock-sharp images included. The typical hackneyed comparisons I save me and you at this point. Only this: Yes, the display is groЯ, yes, it is quick and responsive and yes, you can zoom with two fingers. And no, so it's no iPad. One thing that I noticed is negative: The Navi benцtigt when switching on the Zьndung loose ten seconds before it is ready for use. In the present state of the art that should be faster mцglich yet. Apart from this, the system is very fast and extremely easy to use. Pride is Porsche Panamera known from the center console. AuЯer a Drehdrьck button which Lautstдrke- and air conditioning, there are no real Knцpfe and keys longer. Porsche promises to have saved a plurality of switches. Instead, there is the Cayenne a Glasflдche with Touchflдchen. The Auswдhlen of each function works thanks to haptic and audible Rьckmeldung without problems. But aufgerдumter not affect the cockpit thereby. the normal keys have been strictly speaking simply replaced by Touchflдchen. This is modern and looks good, at least if you have previously eaten no fries and greasy hinterlдsst Fingerabdrьcke on the piano lacquer black Oberflдche. AuЯerdem the question remains what happens when a Flдche breaks? Must then the entire center console to be replaced?

The дuЯeren Lьftungsdьsen are lдnglich designed as in Vorgдnger, the central Luftauslдsse are now aligned horizontally due to the groЯen screen. Typical Cayenne handles the left and right of the center console, which previously had all Cayenne. Completely new is the round mode switch on the steering wheel of the Cayenne, which is available only in conjunction with the ьberarbeiteten Sport Chrono package. Seats and Verarbeitungsqualitдt leave no person you are seeking open and are on hцchstem level. Good news closed for Families: The boot capacity of the new Cayenne wдchst by 100 liters to 770 liters.

Drive: In the SUV in 3.9 seconds to 100 km / h

Last test laps with the Porsche Cayenne

The Turbo is the vorlдufige top model of the Porsche Cayenne. 100 km / h are at after just 3.9 seconds.

Cayenne Turbo stands. Means: eight-cylinder supercharged 550 horsepower, 3.9 seconds to 100 and 286 km / h. More Porsche SUV is not present. Yet the Cayenne has not risen. For Glьck! He now weighs about 50 kilograms less, even though much more technology is under the sheet metal. A three-chamber pneumatic suspension in combination with an active roll control and wheel steering, for example. Porsche calls it "4D Chassis Control" and analyzed in all three spatial dimensions, ie pitch, roll and yaw. Sounds cryptic and means that the thick thing like a true sports car whistles around the corners - without losing composure at the first bump. Wдre it not for the high seating position and the enormous width of 1.98 meters without AuЯenspiegel, you kцnnte completely forgot that behind children and Gepдck be accommodated kцnnen and not the engine. Simultaneously, the technology makes the weight of two tons still forget - a whole new world in the SUV being. Really amazing how colleague computer adjusts all suspension systems in real time. From chilligem Ьberland roles for King of Nьrburgring not even goes by a fraction of a second.

The suspension is acting tight, then there is the new braking technology

The rest fits this orientation. The suspension acts taut, but not nearly as polterig as with the high-up colleagues in Stuttgart with the star. In addition a new brake technology. You heiЯt "Porsche Surface Coated Brake" (PSCB) and means that the series cast iron plate is coated with ceramic. And concretely: Brake occur heiЯt anchor spontaneously - and so brutal that the passenger is pale around the nose. The unverschдmt expensive carbon-conditioning (5962 Euro cost) of cayenne Kдufer can save kьnftig.

All new Porsche by 2021

Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?

Equipment: Adaptive roof spoiler at Turbo

The Cayenne is the Panamera

LED headlights are the new Cayenne series, Matrix LED with 84 individually controlled LEDs costs extra.

Closed for the third generation Porsche has several new features at the start. For the first time the Cayenne with rear-axle closed for better dynamics and a smaller turning radius. Also new is the mixed tires with wider tires on the rear axle. An innovation, according to Porsche, the so-called PSCB-brake. The Abkьrzung is closed for "Porsche Surface Coated Brake". This new development is Gragussscheiben with tungsten carbide coating. The advantages: less VerschleiЯ and brake dust. Recognizable is the brake to weiЯen Bremssдtteln, the top model Cayenne Turbo is series. Darьber further ranked the carbon-ceramic brake (PCCB). Who ordered the PSCB brake must tick at least 20-inch wheels, the Cayenne serienmдЯig comes on 19-Zцllern. Also standard hi there every active all-wheel drive and LED headlamps. LED matrix lighting and electric roll stabilization PDCC mьssen be paid extra just like the Sport Chrono package. Specifically, the Cayenne Turbo is the adaptive roof spoiler, which erhцht the contact pressure depending on the position or verkьrzt the braking distance. Turbo Specifically, the special 21-Zцller, a Bose sound system with 710 watts and heated seats plus steering wheel.

win vote and Opel Astra ON!

Connectivity: Cayenne is serienmдЯig and permanently online

Porsche Connect Plus is standard on the new Cayenne. Compared to Vorgдnger the functions have been expanded. Thanks permanently installed SIM card, the Cayenne serienmдЯig and permanently online. What is new is that the driver of the car can access including Bundesliga live stream and smart home of providers nest on functions such as Amazon Music. With the feature Radio Plus, the range of the favorite radio station on internet radio lдsst verlдngern automatically. Closed for the Cayenne a new smartphone app was developed with the functions can be controlled important auЯerdem. There is also the three main areas navigation, my car and my account. Online navigation and voice control Porsche will have again improved significantly in Cayenne. AuЯerdem it is mцglich to send navigation targets in advance by phone to the car, so you can start right away. The processing of so-called swarm data is designed to reduce risks and prevent Unfдlle. These data are collected anonymously for traffic and StraЯenlage and evaluated. The assistance systems come from the sedan brother Panamera. hi there every to the wizard: night vision with Wдrmebildkamera, lane change, congestion, parking and lane departure with traffic sign recognition. Very new is the Offroad Precision App, recorded with the Gelдndeabenteuer kцnnen.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo (2017): Test

Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?

Engines: Three engines for launch

The third Cayenne can be ordered now with three engines. The customer initially have the choice of a three-liter six-cylinder 340 hp in Cayenne, which has 40 hp more in comparison to Vorgдnger. The Cayenne S comes with a 2.9-liter turbo-V6 and 440 hp - 20 hp more than before. The vorlдufige top model is the Cayenne Turbo with 550 hp. The four-liter V8 with 770 Nm is known from the Panamera Turbo and relies on internal turbocharger. Spдter there will be plug-in hybrids - zunдchst based on the V6 Biturbo, spдter probably in conjunction with the V8. Spearheading kцnnte the Cayenne Turbo S e hybrid with 680 PS. If customers ask economical and torquey diesel variants, Porsche will also provide kцnnen. The transmission is ьberall the same: Porsche is the new Cayenne ausschlieЯlich to an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

Technical data and prices: top model starts at 138,850 euros

Porsche Cayenne • Six-cylinder turbo • Displacement: 2,995 cc • Power: 250 kW (340 hp) From 5300 to 6400 rev / min • max. Torque: 450 Nm 1340-5300 U / min • Acceleration: 0-100 km / h in 6.2 (5.9 sports Chrono-package) • top speed 245 km / h • Weight: 1985 kg • Usage: 9 , 0 to 9.2 l / 100 km • Price: from 74,828 euros.

Porsche Cayenne S • Six-cylinder biturbo • Displacement: 2,894 cc • Power: 324 kW (440 hp) 5700 to 6600 rev / min • max. Torque: 550 Nm 1800-5500 U / min • Acceleration: 0-100 km / h in 5.2 (4.9 sports Chrono-package) • top speed 265 km / h • Weight: 2020 kg • Consumption: 9 , 2 to 9.4 l / 100 km • Price: from 91,964 euros.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo • Eight-cylinder biturbo • Displacement: 3996 cc • Power: 404 kW (550 hp) From 5750 to 6000 rev / min • max. Torque: 770 Nm from 1960 to 4500 rev / min • Acceleration: 0-100 km / h in 4.1 (3.9 with Sport Chrono Package) • Top speed 286 km / h • Consumption: 11.7 to 11, 9 l / 100 km • Price: from € 138,850.

Closed for the new Cayenne, Porsche offers three engines to: the Cayenne with 340 hp, the Cayenne S with 440 hp - both rely on a six-cylinder engine, the new eight-speed Tiptronic S transmission and active all-wheel drive - and the Cayenne Turbo with 550 hp. The base model Cayenne 245 km / h and the sprint to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds (5.9 seconds with Sport Chrono Package). The 440-hp Cayenne S has a top speed of 265 km / h, accelerates in 5.2 seconds to 100 km / h (4.9 seconds with Sport Chrono Package). The V8 top model sprints in 4.1 seconds (3.9 seconds with Sport Chrono Package) on LandstraЯentempo and creates 286 km / h. The starting price closed for the Base Cayenne lies by 74,828 €, of the Cayenne S starts at 91,964 € and the Cayenne Turbo at 138850.

VW Tiguan and Porsche Cayenne in the used car test

Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?Porsche Cayenne (2017): Turbo, test engines, Price - If the Cayenne for Panamera?

Used: Cayenne ride closed for less than 10,000 euros

The Cayenne remains a bull

The first Porsche Cayenne came in 2002 on the market. Frьhe models with high mileage, there are closed for less than 10,000 euros.

The first Porsche Cayenne (9PA) came in 2002 to market and built by 2010 (power 240 to 550 hp). Frьhe models (until 2005) with high mileages there are already well under 10,000 euros. But beware, the maintenance costs are extremely high - auЯerdem verschleiЯen tires and brakes relatively quickly. Less down rocking clubs models with over 100,000 kilometers on the clock are available from 13,000 euros in the (free) Hдndler or the private provider. The first facelift closed for the Cayenne were 2,007, of diesel since 2009 in the supply and value stable than the thirsty petrol engine. Vernьnftige facelift models start at around 20,000 euros. Much more expensive is the mid-2010 erhдltliche second generation of the Porsche Cayenne (92A). Which is to have as Used from about 38,000 euros. In the fall of 2014 generation had two a facelift. The young used Porsche Cayenne can be had from about 60,000 euros. Closed for all Cayenne rule, high maintenance costs are the top marks TЬV report gegenьber. Tip: Buy only regelmдЯig maintained Porsche Cayenne.

At a glance: Used Porsche Cayenne