There's juice in it?

Used Electric cars are still exotic. AUTO BILD says kцnnen follow what repair costs. In Review: a Peugeot iOn 2011th

Dhe question of the scope over and immediately comes. Verstдndlich because electricity at StraЯenrand are as rare as gas station attendants, give the fuel. For over three years, there is all-electric cars like the Brьder Citroлn C-Zero, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Peugeot iOn. The trio is technically identical. We test a three-year-old iOn Peugeot Hamburg office. The black Stromer got two and a half years, almost 18,000 kilometers, the carbon brushes his e-motor. Peugeot identifies a range of 150 kilometers. We are entering. A look at the range indicator of the fully charged iOn: 103 km. I beg your pardon? Verkдufer Happich klдrt us: If the driver previously driven athletic, the display shows the average of the last ride. Aha, so if I drive carefully now, which is more? "Exactly," the Peugeot man lдchelt confident.
Specifications: Peugeot iOn
engineElectric motor / rear transverse
Battery / CapacityLithium ions / 16 kWh
reach144 km
power49 kW (67 hp) from 3,500 / min
torque180 Nm at 1 / min
top speed130 km / h
Charging time (230 volts)7 hours
Gearbox / driveInput / rear
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And sure enough: We attach Go Back around 70 kilometers on the test drive. The battery indicator reports: half full. OK. And how long will the batteries last? Chemists report from 3000 to 5000 charging cycles for lithium-ion batteries; at tдglicher charge the wдren about eight to 14 years. Car manufacturers say the battery hдlt as long as the car. Better wдr's also. Because the cells are out of the Peugeot parts man calling on 24,374 euros. A brand-new, complete iOn costs after two price cuts today 200 euros less. Closed for whom is now worth used Stromer? Answer: Only closed for those who verfьgt about a Lademцglichkeit before Haustьr and ьberwiegend in the short- and medium-haul road.

What struck at our test car, and how should Mдngel Kдufer the Peugeot iOn auЯerdem eighth, look at the picture gallery.

Used Peugeot iOn in the test

Peugeot iOn: Used Car Test - Is there any juice in it?Peugeot iOn: Used Car Test - Is there any juice in it?Peugeot iOn: Used Car Test - Is there any juice in it?

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