So young and already so rusty

Some readers got a shock when they saw the first time under their Duster. But the rust usually befдllt only Oberflдche.

Dacia Duster

The Duster has some minor weaknesses of electronics and mechanics.

Dacia Duster it comes дhnlich as other preisgьnstigen Gelдndewagen, such as the Suzuki Jimny: The second offer is rather less than the demand, the second-hand driving up prices in the market. So 4x4 diesel with around 100,000 kilometers on the Zдhler is still trading at more than Hдlfte his former original price even a year old fьnf Duster. If the Duster really that good? Or what is the low value of loss? Simple: An absence of alternatives! The all-wheel-Duster is an almost unrivaled range.
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Dacia Duster

In front of the Duster offers enough room in the rear is a little tighter.

In verschmдhten by most manufacturers 4x4 segment below 20,000 euros, there is otherwise only the arg arg small and hoppe time Suzuki Jimny; and since 2000, no more than diesel. As a diesel in this price range only the Fiat Panda Cross fдhrt ago, but has much less space and Anhдngelast than the Dacia, which, after all, dragging 1.5 ton Anhдnger. There remains the very old Lada Niva - still unbeatably cheap, but still unrivaled loud and still as a first car so difficult as the дhnlich small Suzuki.

asked closer look at the underbody

Dacia Duster

Everything you touch, consists of honest, hard plastic.

A used Dacia Duster you should look carefully from below. Or maybe rather not. More than a third of the questionnaire submitted complains informed about significant rust. but the befдllt "only" the Oberflдchen, apparently comes because of the appealing Hohlraumversiegelung rarely from the important Karosseriehohlrдumen. nevertheless Nachtrдgliche conservation does need, if you want to keep his Duster lдnger as fьnf to six years. You can make yourself or go to the contractor. The technology comes from a faded Clio generation of Dacia-Renault mother. The French donate their rumдnischen cheap brand regelmдЯig stored constructions. But what has to mean anything bad.

Weaknesses Dacia Duster

A jerky motor occurs in 18 percent of the questionnaire submitted, especially in 2014er diesel models. Not always kцnnen the Werkstдtten create lasting remedy
(Software Update).

Weaknesses Dacia Duster 1 of 7

Engine failure sometimes after timing belt replacement

Dacia Duster

58 percent want to re-buy a Duster; eight percent are already driving their second. Alternatives? Apparently none. Glьck closed for Dacia.

The Renault turbo diesel with 1.5 liter displacement hдlt apparently, only now and then with electronic Stцrungen, often caused by inferior and therefore moisture-sensitive connectors and the fluctuating Qualitдt of engine attachments and the software. Zickt Auffдllig: Some Werkstдtten have apparently changing the timing belt is not under control, because the more rare Motorschдden show up usually after a timing belt replacement. Easy, if somewhat zдh in nearly 1.4 tons Duster is the turbo-less 1.6-liter gasoline engine. Technical problem area: the Ьbertragungszylinder the hydraulic Kupplungsbetдtigung. He is like leaking times prematurely, whereby the clutch no longer separates clean. When the driver notices that only spдt and thousands of kilometers just weiterfдhrt he ruined by the transmission, the lдsst then turn stцrrisch and caused when changing gear Kratzgerдusche. In the case away from this Duster.

Gьnstige prices for spare parts

Replacement costs Dacia Duster *
fenders145 euros
headlights225 euros
Front brake discs (one set)223 Euros
Brake pads (one set)93 euro
Transmission (AT)1387 €
Motor without attachments (AT)3059 €
Generator (AT)411 euros
Starter (AT)219 euros
Water pump (new)129 euros
Exhaust without cat341 euros
* Prices include VAT at the example of a Duster 1.5 dCi 110 4WD with manual transmission, built in 2010
A jerky engine - this problem hдlt quite a few Duster drivers for months in suspense. Closed for some Jahrgдnge Dacia escape developed several software updates with varying success. But there are instances that ьberhaupt not stutter. Keywords: Qualitдtsschwankungen. More Rьckrufe exist due wagging driver seat frames, turbo control valves, levers and schwergдngigen the eternally inaccurate fuel gauge. Enjoys the Duster owners are informed about the gьnstigen prices of spare parts. Sometimes they are the ьberraschend prematurely, for example, in the little tough, but gьnstigen Spurstangenkцpfen the steering. The Dacia Werkstдtten total of 85 percent are satisfied - this is a very good result. Also about a high repeat purchase rate Dacia can look forward. 58 percent want to re-buy a Duster; eight percent are already driving their second. Alternatives? Apparently none. Glьck closed for Dacia.
Model history Dacia Duster
2010: Introduction of the Model Duster 4WD; L / W / H 4.32 / 1.83 / 1.63 m; 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine (105 hp) or 1.5-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged diesel (110 hp); both only with manual transmission.
2011: additional 90-hp version of the 1.5 turbo diesel; also only with manual transmission.
2012: The 90-horsepower 4WD version of the 1.5 dCi is eliminated.
2014: facelift with new grille, new headlights (now with daytime running lights), new taillights, a new instrument panel center section; ESP from now as standard at no extra charge, new software for the engine control unit (for emission reduction).
Used car prices: Dacia Duster 4WD
Used car prices: Dacia Duster 4WD1.61.6 Ambiance1.6 Lauréate1.6 PrestigedCi 90 AmbiancedCi 110 LauréatedCi 110 Prestige
kW / hp77/10577/10577/10577/10566/9081/11081/110
Consumption / 100 km9.5 l S9.5 l S9.5 l S9.5 l S7.5 l D7.5 l D7.5 l D
top speed168 km / h168 km / h168 km / h168 km / h158 km / h170 km / h170 km / h
Insuran. (HP / VK / TK)19/17/1919/17/1919/17/1919/17/1920/19/1720/19/1920/19/19
Original price €
2014 20.000 km *-------
2013 42.000 km *--11,70012,500-13,30014,000
2012 60.000 km *860010,00010,50011,20011,00011,90012,500
2011 75.000 km *84009000950010,200980010,40011,100
2010 90.000 km *7500800085009100-93009900
Source: Schwacke; Dealer sales prices (€ incl. VAT.); * For gasoline following mileages are: 13,000, 28,000, 41,000, 53,000, 65,000