Womit comparing bloЯ a car that has evolved over its 26-jдhrigen series history to a class and unrivaled original? Whoever takes on the new, lightweight Mazda MX-5 in the top version? In which all sounds like sheer driving pleasure. And that has yet written BMW to its corporate flags! The Z4 betцrt testers and customers since 2009 with hinreiЯenden roadster proportions, the brand's characteristic dynamism and a balanced character. A type closed for all Fдlle.

Against the BMW Mazda is a real Schnдppchen


Expensive: The BMW Z4 sDrive 20i with 184 hp and extras such as adaptive chassis will cost 44,490 euros proud.

Against the 160-hp MX-5 flagship Skyactiv G 160 I-Poole Sports Line (Question: How many Sake of Schцpfer this model designation has actually been drinking?) Hдtte the Z4-based model sDrive 18i with 156 hp closed for 34,250 Euros fit well , Unfortunately, BMW could not deliver the basic model. but probably the 20i with 184 hp and extras such as adaptive chassis. Test car Price: 44,490 EUR. In contrast, the Mazda demand seems almost modest: 28,990 euros will cost the most expensive MX-fifth Дpfel against pears? Asceticism against luxury? Not at all. Because the MX-5 Sports Line has among other serienmдЯig leather, automatic climate control, Bose sound, lane departure warning and navigation on board. Things that cost extra charge in the BMW. Or as the lane departure in the Z4 are not to be had. But in the Mazda we do not want entertaint, navigated, heated or gekьhlt. We just want to go. And turn off the serienmдЯigen in Sports Line Features, dafьr the senses one.
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The MX-5 Roadster reflects on basic virtues

Mazda MX-5

Small and light: When measured 1,070 kg curb weight ranging 160 HP closed for groЯen FahrspaЯ.

Before we start, we unlock the central lever of the soft top and throw it lдssig backwards. Breathe. accelerate, couple, switch, steering, braking - the MX-5 this profane, autoalltдglichen Nebensдchlichkeiten a sensual experience. A measured curb weight of just 1,070 kilograms hits 160 speed fell Pferdestдrken that heiЯ vцllig are sure to give the rear Rдdern at the apex of a sharp bend a little kick. Because the ESP lдsst to small rear pan before it regulates. The rьhrend rцhrende two-liter vacuum cleaner turns highly motivated, the Gдnge lie down almost by itself so readily and easily the short joystick lдsst move through the scenery, no tдnzeln. The rьckmeldungsreiche steering gives the choreography before, in such a ragged that the curve has already passed through before you see them. This sports car is a gefьhlte Verlдngerung their own Extremitдten the road. Extremely uncompromising. Immediately, hochprдzise, ​​leichtfьЯig. You fьhlst mechanics, spьrst the asphalt, Gierst by curves. The MX-5 pulls you into its spell.
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We change to the Z4 - and into another world. Comfortable armchair with ьppiger Sitzflдche and further adjustment, routinised finish, a tinny roof, four side window. The Z4 fьhlt at limousine way. Press the Start button: an unobtrusive but any sounding four-cylinder hum penetrates the well gedдmmten interior. Depress clutch, first course. Aha: The flutscht not pure as smoothly as in the Mazda.

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The suspension of the Z4 can also comfortable


Hцheres weight lдngerer Wheelbase: It is logical that the BMW absorbs much smoother than the Mazda.

We give gas. 270 Nm drьcken already from 1250 tours to cross, therefore vehemently the BMW accelerates at low engine speeds. But the MX-5 is not smaller in Rьckspiegel. On the contrary, he is getting ready to Ьberholen: Apart from the Elastizitдt of 80 to 120 km / h in sixth gear and the Hцchstgeschwindigkeit the Mazda offers the somewhat more vigorous performance. Advantage flyweight. For the BMW 428 kilograms heavier and 32 centimeters lдnger than the MX-fifth Hцheres weight and lдngerer wheelbase, logical that the BMW absorbs much smoother. Especially with the genuine Yamaha Adaptivfahrwerk with which our test car is equipped. Limousine Like the Z4 swallows in comfort position then ьble bumps like cobblestones. Even in Sport mode the BMW springs a bit softer than the MX-5 Sports Line with serienmдЯigem sports suspension. But comfort is probably the last thing MX-5 Jьnger expect their favorite.

At least on points of Mьnchner in the test is at the front

BMW Z4 Mazda MX-5

Japanese purist or German Alleskцnner? Winner of the heart is clearly the Mazda MX-fifth

Masochistic tendencies are not yet nцtig to mцgen the Mazda. For his suspension not schlдgt by which grцbsten StцЯe he hдlt of its occupants away. Wдhrend BMW wants kцnnen both nдmlich comfortable and sporty, the Mazda reflects on his favorite subject Sport. It covers the minimum of automotive Grundbedьrfnissen but erfьllt the maximum FahrspaЯ. Reviewed by the AUTO BILD test scheme, however, it must be narrowly beaten to the BMW. The Z4 has more space, better seats, is quieter, significantly stiffer springs and comfortable. In body and convenience chapter of the thick Bayer brings so many points that the little Japanese can not catch up in the recovered drive and dynamic handling standings. Even the enormous price difference of 15,500 euros is not enough to overtake the German Alleskцnner.

For Glьck Mazda has resisted the temptation to develop the MX-5 for comparison test winner. Because then he wдre become a different type. Now he is the winner of Hearts - with ease and Charakterstдrke. Just as we love him!
vehicle data BMW Mazda
model BMW Z4 sDrive 20i Mazda MX-5 Skyactiv G 160 Sports Line
engineFour-cylinder, turbo four cylinders
Mounting position forward along forward along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 2
camshaft drive Chain Chain
capacity 1997 cc 1998 cc
kW (PS) at 1 / min 135 (184) / 5000 118 (160) / 6000
Nm at 1 / min 270/1250 200/4600
Vmax235 km / h 214 km / h
transmission Six-speed manual Six-speed manual
drive rear-wheel drive rear-wheel drive
Brakes, front / rear Discs / disks Discs / disks
Test car tires 225 / 45-255 / 40 R 17 V 205/45 R 17 W
tire type Bridgestone Potenza RE 050 A Bridgestone Potenza S 001
Wheel Size 8-8.5 x 17 " 7 x 17 "
exhaust CO2 159 g / km 154 g / km
Consumption* 8.9 / 5.6 / 6.8 l 8.7 / 5.4 / 6.6 l
tank capacity55 l / Super 45 l / Super plus
refrigerant R134a R134a
Pass-by noise 74 dB (A) 67 dB (A)
Towable gebr./ungebr. no no
Boot capacity 180-310 l 130 l
Length Width Height 4239/1790 to 1951 ** / 1291 mm 3915 / 1735-1920 ** / 1230 mm
Test car price44,490 €28,990 €
* City / highway / overall to 100 km; ** width with outside mirrors

All-new MX-5 against mature Z4

Brand new MX5 against ripened Z4

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