The Kuga is solid in the core

Constant stress brutally 100,000 kilometers closed for our long-term test Kuga: He survived, apart from two wheel bearings. Not even bitchy electronics. Only the interior processing kцnnte be better.

Wso дre a "lollipop" (Tester jargon) a person, his working conditions wьrden probably call the union on the plan: 101,661 kilometers in just one and a half years, in two salt winters always on the go, constantly strapaziцse city and highway driving, barely sparing LandstraЯeneinsatz, hunted travel to the airport, 30 different drivers, two Ausflьge in hard Gelдnde, though Ford does not sell the Kuga as Gelдndegдnger. What he is tatsдchlich not, but to spдter. Our long time starts bumpy: The dьnne, sprцde plastic panel under the vehicle - from an underride protection we do not prefer to speak - is broken after the first Gelдndeeinsatz, but replacement costs only 26 euros.

Background: How We Tested AUTO BILD

Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI 4x4

The hidden engine room lock was frozen over in severe winter in 2010 - closed for the control of Betriebsflьssigkeiten a problem.

The hood is made of Grьnden FuЯgдngerschutzes very soft, shaky from 130 km / h concern and lдsst apparently not set wobble-free. Two things divide the tester Crew: On the one hand the high, expansive center console - the one mцgen the cockpit Gefьhl that other fьhlen be obstructed. More controversial: the chassis. The one is simply too hard to tuning of the suspension and Dдmpfung, the colleagues of our sister magazine AUTO BILD SPORTS CARS however, praise the sporty directness of handling what einschlieЯt the steering. Grundsдtzlich are agile running gear a pronounced Spezialitдt of Ford, spдtestens since the first Focus. The radio control so holds its secrets.
AUTO BILD test values
Acceleration 0 - 100 km / h10.8 s
0-130 km / h18.8 s
0-160 km / h41.1 s
Elasticity 60-100 km / h10.4 s (5th gear)
80-120 km / h14.5 s (6th gear)
Stopping distance from 100 km / h cold38.2 m
Stopping distance from 100 km / h hot36.3 m
Interior noise at 100/130 km / h68/70 dB (A)
Test consumption / 100 kmECE: 6.4 lTest total: 7.7 l
CO2 measurement (test end) *169 g / km
The transmitters adjust again and again without having hдtte asked the infotainment system for it. A FuЯmattenhalter in FahrerfuЯraum breaks - a detail, unfortunately, relevant to safety. know more little things to annoy, as the only Ьbung without Ьberschwappen befьllbare tank or obtrusive light ground frost warning (unnцtig that AuЯentemperaturanzeige well located in sight last) or the hood to be цffnen only means Schlьssel. The castle sits behind the rotary Ford plum. There is no gas pressure Heber closed for the bonnet, just a rod. Since we control the Betriebsflьssigkeiten often and conscientious, the Umstдndlichkeit the whole procedure fдllt on. Fellow editor Ben Arnold: "A disgrace!"
Specifications Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI 4x4
engineFour cylinder in-line, transverse forward, Turbo Diesel
Valves / camshaftsfour per cylinder / timing belt
kW (horsepower) in U / min100 (136) / 4000
Nm at U / min320/2000
Speed ​​at 130 km / h2600 / min
top speed186 km / h
emission standardeuro 4
Gearbox / drive6-speed, all-wheel drive
Tank capacity / type of fuel58 liters / Diesel
Trunk content410-1405 liters
Curb weight / payload1682/448 kg
Trailer braking / unbraked2100/750 kg
Length Width Height4443/1842/1710 mm
Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI 4x4

In the second Hдlfte the test is found except for the rattling luggage compartment cover only praise in the logbook.

On top of that, the Ford logo can become wedged in slamming the hood under Selbiger. Ьberhaupt are cover such a topic when Kuga: The tank does not have what we think is risky in a car with off-road-claim closed for. The Цleinfьlldeckel is made of plastic. A colleague who will certainly go ьberdreht him so desperate that the workshop ranmuss. The side panel of Fahrertьr lцst off. The workshop manages the second attempt, they anzuklipsen permanently. At the 40,000-km service our цrtliche workshop (Fiegl, Schwabach) plucks out three parts, which hochtьrmt the bill at 1,150 euros. The Цlwanne allegedly a crack, the charge air hose a marten damage Kьhlwasserausgleichsbehдlter a leak.

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The Ford World Headquarters in Kцln appear these findings so suspect that they are the removed parts of a special operation in Sweden lдsst investigate (!). Result: Two of the three removed parts (Цlwanne and Ausgleichsbehдlter) are fine, so hдtten kцnnen be used. The workshop called a "VorsichtsmaЯnahme" a master who worked as a vacation replacement in the home. One wonders how many retail customers already were allowed to emphasize their holiday because of such "VorsichtsmaЯnahmen". We change after this incident the workshop. After we have abused the Kuga in an off-road driving course on Nьrburgring as Gelдndetaxi, 51,000 Brummgerдusche come in Mileage coming from the rear axle - Repair at Ford Besico in Zirndorf near Fьrth.
Maintenance / Repair
21070Inspection; New underrun protection280.30 EUR Euro
39920Inspection; new: coolant expansion tank *, * oil pan, charge air hose1151.54 €
52032a rear wheel bearing441.36 EUR
57699second rear wheel bearing and the rear camera641.35 EUR
60268inspection323.67 EUR
78987inspection339,90 euro
98708Inspection; new drive shaft sleeve (marten bites)449.58 EUR
* As a subsequent audit revealed the exchange was not necessary.
Their workshop foreman suspects that worked at a water crossing penetrated mud in the wheel bearings and ungeschьtzte selbiges has zerstцrt. Only: A car whose manufacturer claims 45 cm wading depth that should endure. Ergo: a Jдger about who liebдugelt with the Kuga, we wьrden attention to the problem. Although the workshop schwцrt that they had to change the wheel bearing on any other Kuga. In the second winter, the rear camera first shows almost arty-crafty scrolling images in the style of Picasso, it follows the oriented Georg Baselitz's works creative period with upside-down images, at the end of the camera system hдngt gдnzlich on. The camera (138 euros, plus 80 euros removal and installation) comes from Panasonic, delivery time more than a month.

Solid than he looks

Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI 4x4

Long distance are the Kuga special. Not unimportant: the seats usually find praise - auЯer at groЯen drivers.

In the second Hдlfte the 100,000-kilometer test is found except for the persistent rattling luggage compartment cover only praise in the logbook. Long distance are the Kuga just over Gelдnde. Our text boss Torge EЯer praises: "Quiet engine, excellent seating position." The seats usually find praise, except for the little spьrbaren Lordosenstьtze and too short seat tracks - in the recommendation list of the "long forum people e. V." It is thus probably not make the Kuga. At the end of the test the Kuga looks inside badly needed from: Carpets lцsen from the FuЯraum and give a clear view on cable and Dдmm Material: All of this does not meet the test car price of no less than 38,000 euros.
costs guarantees
Liability class18
Comprehensive class19
Teilkasko class22
Road tax at EZ before 7/10288 euros
Workshop intervals20,000 km / 2 years
technology2 years, unlimited mileage
rust12 years
mobility2 years
Ford sells optical unnцtig bad, because mechanically it is solid: The turbo diesel runs like the first day circuit (Getrag) and seats are still crisp, no funny business from the ьblichen Verdдchtigen turbocharger and electronics. No problem: so far: the rust, despite two severe winter with a lot of salt. Down around the car looks almost like new. Closed for the Kuga always interested Kдufer that just visually brisk find him as a Tiguan or RAV4. This endurance test provides no significant reason to dissuade them from buying.
ABS / ESP / AirbagsS / S / 6
Automatic / cruise control2000 € / 190 €
Air conditioning / climate controlS / 405 €
el. Park Aids / Rear Camera505 € / 2,825-euro package
heater975 Euros
Xenon Light / Headlights860 euro / N
keyless entry460 Euros
vollw. Spare wheel / spare wheelN / 50 €
Leather seats / Aludekor1180 Euro / S
el. seats, front / heated430 Euro / 2500 Euro Package
screen navigation2,825-euro package
Removable tow695 euros
Metallic paint / panoramic roof510 € / 785 €
Base price (Titanium)30,600 €