The top 10 Vans in check

One child equal combination, two children equal Van, three children equal Multivan. But not only does a family GroЯraumauto glьcklich. A van also fits people with bulky Hobby and groЯer enterprise.

erinnern you still remember the Renault Espace and the Chrysler Voyager? Both will be 30 this year, they grьndeten the Vansegment. Plцtzlich had Familienvдter and leisure people an alternative, Espace drove instead of T-model or Voyager instead Volvo. Both in the top 10 are no longer today it lies at Kдufer. The likes now rather small and compact vans. With the VW Multivan, despite the trend towards smaller one groЯer classic is: The current series - for eleven years in the market - and their Vorlдufer make long family mobile. And despite high prices per square meter: 3435 Euro costs a square Multivan least.
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The small B-Max is closed for 2,234 euros per square meter in the store. The reason is that a Multivan twice as expensive as a B-Max, but not twice as groЯ - between the extremes are only two square meters Grundflдche. And a lot of alternatives. Starting with the pure Fьnfsitzern Opel Meriva and Mercedes B-Class informed about the compacts like Ford C-Max, Renault and VW Touran Scйnic that there are also siebensitzig, to the full-blown Vans of the stature of Opel Zafira Tourer or VW Sharan. Color brings the nutzwertige VW Caddy into play. As you can see: Fьnf brands represent ten models that had in previous bestsellers stories differently. The variety it does not hurt dafьr provide hardly zдhlbare driving and seat variants.

In the picture we show which models hi there every one of the ten best-selling vans, call Stдrken and Schwдchen and give concrete recommendations to buy.

Buyer's guide: Vans in check

Vans: AUTO TEST Buyer's Guide - The Top 10 vans in checkVans: AUTO TEST Buyer's Guide - The Top 10 vans in checkVans: AUTO TEST Buyer's Guide - The Top 10 vans in check