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Lang took it until Ford installs the same time the front and rear-wheel drive in transit - rather than only optional. Trader obtained by a robust, zweckmдЯigen Ladekьnstler.

Fьnf generations, since 1953, a Ford Transit was mostly a two-wheel driven trucks: the first 47 years always, since then, available with either rear- and front-wheel drive. The sixth generation of the best-selling in 40 years light commercial vehicle in Europe is also available with all-wheel drive.

Body / Qualitдt

From such a variant number of car Kдufer trдumt: From the seemingly unьbersehbaren variety of minibuses, cars and trucks vans, flatbed, GroЯraum- and special versions we took the van with long wheelbase and medium roof. The body is sufficiently processed, everything seems simple and emphasizes zweckmдЯig - created closed for harsh everyday in industry and trade.

Driving pleasure / drive

Steering and circuit go exactly and not too heavy; the internal "Puma" called common-rail diesel - in throttled version also in the Land Rover Defender in action - attracts krдftig. The ungewцhnliche wheel drive involved the front vorsдtzlich only with clear Verzцgerung, but then decided on propulsion, thus avoiding any stress when maneuvering the nave. Keystroke speed up the response.


Thanks to short Gesamtьbersetzung you switch nimbly through the six Gдnge and achieved respectable performance figures. In real 156 km / h, the diesel runs into the rev limiter.

Chassis / safety

Because the high-traction wheel drive is not ESP compatible, the 4x4 model lacks this driving aid. The driving behavior looks quite schwerfдllig; the ABS brakes gezьgelten are stable, two front airbags are standard.


Although tight, the suspension is reasonable even with empty cargo space; the engine tцnt amazingly cultivated. Despite extras such as leather steering wheel, heated seats, cruise control in the cab nьchternen no Luxusgefьhl will arise.

Price / cost

calculated per seat and on driving performance, this transit is expensive; per liter cargo volume (9600) but a Schnдppchen. The all-wheel Surcharge (5593 Euro) is steep; consumption increases especially at high speeds significantly. Who wants to pull Hдnger on Sunday, gets closed for 1,190 euros extra a car registration.
Specifications Ford Transit FT 350 L 4x4 Trend
engine4 cyl Turbo Diesel, longitudinally front
capacity2401 cc
power103 kW (140 hp) at 3500 / min
torque375 Nm at 2000 to 2250 / min
Brakes, front / rearDiscs / disks
tire215/75 R 16 C
Curb weight / payload2296/1204 kg
Trailer braking / unbraked2800/750 kg
Length Width Height5853/1974/2404 mm
power transmission
6-speed manual transmission without grounds reduction, automatic four-wheel drive. Connecting-in with central Lamellenkuppl. (Kraftvert v. H 0: 100 to 50:50)

0-100 km / h16.2 s
0-130 km / h33.6 s
60-100 km / h in 5th gear9.5 s
80-120 km / h in 6th gear15.7 s
top speed156 km / h
Stopping distance from 100 km / h cold / hot43.4 / 43.7 m
Fuel consumption / CO2 emissions10.0 l / 264 g / km
Test consumption Ø (l / 100 km)10.8 diesel
Control / year (trucks 3.5T)210 euros
Type classes HPF / VK / TKTrucks up to 1.5 t Nutzl.
Base price 4x443,048 €