Headwind for the Passat

With the i40 Hyundai takes most favorite combination, the VW Passat for the first time in Germany at. But the Koreans can be really gef–īhrlich the German Variant? A comparison.

Noch a few years ago the thing was clear: Against VW Hyundai had no chance. Korean cars were okay though, the German but —Ćberlegen in almost all areas. This should now be different - with fresh models that are working fine and are full of new technology. The coming in September on the market i40 aims it to the Passat. Was the Vorg–īnger Sonata (only as a sedan) nor a completely Korean Gew–īchs, the i40 is actually a German car. Okay, he is indeed screwed together in Korea, he was drafted and developed but here in our development center in Oberursel. And there they have the Passat close look.

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Headwind for the Passat

While the i40 looks different, more Coup–Ļ as a combination, but the dimensions r—Ćcken him right next to the Passat. Almost to the centimeter, the two same, just a little flatter the Koreans. Amazingly this is that under the schr–īg asked Coup–Ļ tail almost as much space as behind the rather edgy Passat R—Ćcken. In the discipline of space so there is almost a tie. Does that also closed for the important combination criterion Variabilit–īt? Answer: No. The Passat —Ćberzeugt with completely flat Ladefl–īche (when folded forward R—Ćckbank-Sitzfl–īchen), the i40 cw only the backs can tilt, it remains an easy schr–īge level. Plus points can gather with his inclination adjustment of R—Ćckbanklehne and slightly lower sill of the Koreans. Daf—Ćr —Üffnet the tailgate at the German seven centimeters h—Üher, saving gr—Ü–Įeren people Kopfn—Ćsse.

–¨berblick: News and tests for VW Passat

VW Passat

–¨berzeugend: Material and finish are really top class in the VW Passat.

Overall, however, these are just little things that do not make the Hyundai zur—Ćckfallen decisively behind VW. This applies —Ćbrigens also closed for the cockpit. Clear –¨bersicht and best Funktionalit–īt in the Passat, but also the i40 l–īsst be operated without problems. He is much more playful, but that may strike some even dropped below Umst–īnden better than the German straightforwardness. A clear lead of Volkswagen secures clearly in materials and workmanship. This really is top class, solid, lovingly and meticulously crafted. The Hyundai can not quite keep up, although its interior —Ćberzeugt. The plastics valuable aspect, the chrome ornamentation is fitted clean, and nothing crackles or creaks. Priced: The Passat Estate starts with 25,775 euros (1.4 TSI with 122 hp). The i40 station wagon there are closed for 23,390 euros (1.6, 135 hp). Good 2000 euros cheaper with better facilities (including LED daytime running lights, alarm system, multifunction steering wheel with leather). Also in the extras, the Koreans have learned. So there are also closed for the i40 sorts Schnokus in the options list.

The diesel engines it is more complicated. The i40 is available from the entry-level "Comfortline" closed for 24,990 euros (85 kW), which driven by us 100 kW diesel costs as "Style" at least 28,990 euros, as version "blue" with start-stop system even 29,390 euros. And that's almost to the euro exactly the price VW Passat 2.0 TDI requires closed for its BlueMotion Technology. But then as the basic model "Trendline", the ample amenities for i40 missing. There are around 3,000 euros, which can save the i40 driver. he reaches even to the "premium" leather upholstery and xenon light, the difference erh—Üht even 6000 euro for comparable Passat. Remember we want the warranty. F—Ćnf years including all maintenance costs gegen—Ćber two years the Passat. Thus, the price advantage of the Hyundai climbs to over 7000 euros.

–¨berblick: News and tests for Hyundai and VW

Hyundai i40 VW Passat

Two station wagons on Augenh—Ühe? Not quite, but the i40 is pretty close.

A lot of money that pays the Passat driver more, but the VW go also so much better? Answer: No. Although he rolls a little smoother, filters nearly all Stra–Įenunebenheiten out clean, remains exemplary quietly. But the Hyundai is not Krawallbruder. The chassis is also very comfortable, but not quite in the same class of the VW - which, however, also the splendid Sto–Įd–īmpferregelung DCC had closed for 1,085 euros on board. Quiet Koreans also, motor and Abrollger–īusche are systematically locked out. The diesel engine does a good job, can —Ćberspielen the displacement disadvantage gegen—Ćber the VW sent. Whether he reaches the promised, very low consumption values ‚Äč‚Äčtats–īchlich, a sp–īterer test must show. If there is a real point of criticism when driving, it is the steering. She looks doughy, conveying no good contact with the Stra–Įe. Everything else —Ćberzeugt, Bremsgef—Ćhl and circuit are absolutely fine. So it is at the end of a lot of small things that make the difference to trade the Hyundai i40. Whether they are worth the extra price - that every customer has to decide for themselves.

Builds Korea the best mid-size station wagon?

Builds Korea the best mid-size station wagon?

Hyundai i40 1.7 CRDi Premium, Mazda 6 2.2 MRZ-CD Active, Peugeot 508 SW HDi FAP 140 Allure, Skoda Superb Combi 2.0 TDI Elegance, Volvo V60 DRIVe Momentum, VW Passat Variant 2.0 TDI Comfortline
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1,00 –ā

vehicle dataVW Passat 2.0 TDI BMT TrendlineHyundai i40 cw Blue 1.7 CRDI Style
engineFour-cylinder, turboFour-cylinder, turbo
capacity1968 cc1685 cc
Max. Power at 1 / min103 kW (140 hp) / 4200100 kW (136 hp) / 4000
Max. Torque320 Nm at 1750 / min330 Nm at 2000 / min
0-100 km / h9.8 s10.6 s
Vmax211 km / h200 km / h
exhaust CO2123 g / km119 g / km
Consumption*5.8 / 4.0 / 4.7 l5.3 / 4.1 / 4.5 l
emission standardEU 5EU 5
Boot capacity603-1731 l553-1719 l
tare1530 kg1570 kg
payload655 kg550 kg
Towable gebr./ungebr.1500/750 kg1800/700 kg
roof load100 kg100 kg
turning circle11.4 m10.9 m
* City / highway / overall to 100 km
equipmentVW Passat 2.0 TDI BMT TrendlineHyundai i40 cw Blue 1.7 CRDI Style
Airbags driver / Beif. / PagesS / S / SS / S / S
Head airbags front / 2. lineS / SS / S
Knee airbag, driver's sideNS
alarm system385 ‚ā¨S
CD-audio systemSS
parking sensors all around555 ‚ā¨S
parking assistant875 ‚ā¨N
rain sensor1610 ‚ā¨S
Keyless Close / Start560 ‚ā¨1650 ‚ā¨
fog lights185 ‚ā¨S
Lane Departure540 ‚ā¨N
automatic transmission2125 ‚ā¨1400 ‚ā¨
navigation systemfrom 835 ‚ā¨3160 ‚ā¨
E-raising / sliding roof1200 ‚ā¨1410 ‚ā¨
E Driver / passenger seatN900 ‚ā¨
heated seats in the front305 ‚ā¨S
Metallic paint570 ‚ā¨480 ‚ā¨
Climate460 ‚ā¨S
Xenon headlights1430 ‚ā¨N
base Price29,425 ‚ā¨29,390 ‚ā¨
S = standard; N = not available